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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 21, 2005.

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  1. Best one yet, arrived this morning and not put it down.

    Cracking piccies of the blokes in bizarre and foreign climes doing a proper job.

  2. Have to agree with you MDN. Got mine this morning. Noticed a photo of 4 Regt dinner night with Ian White (ex OC 669 Sqn in the photo (page 75). Does anyone out there know where Ian is now? Many thanks....Ken
  3. Just been flicking through again, seeing how many faces I no longer recognise...

    Bloody hell the obituries page says Maj Gen Simon Lyttle died in October last year........ aged 64.

    Fitting Appreciations for Nick Cranshaw & Ollie Kemp
  4. Horrified at the 'Here, there and everywhere' pages. The band 'Groovyside'........ Fcuk me! Des, still a junior rank and now in a boy band!! It was never like that in my time! :lol: Groovyside? Too Boyzone sounding. Change it or be ridiculed forever!

    And the 'In Memoriam' pages. I hate reading this in the journal as there are always a name or two that leap out from the pages. This time quite a few names from the past, RIP all of you.
  5. I looked at Groovyside, but the link doesn't open.

    They describe Dez as having smouldering looks!!!! smouldering as in sleeping at the bottom of a volcano :D
  6. Found this:

    The British Army endorses them??



    MMmmmmmm, is Des and Co going to make it big? Do I book him now for any forthcoming marriage to a fellow ARRSE'er, or do I attend a concert to gauge their music and chuck pairs of my sisters knickers at Dessie as he performs?

    Anyway, all the best to them.
  7. Yes, unfortunately Simon Lyttle committed suicide by shotgun earlier this year. What a waste of a brilliant mind. Simon was my CO in Hildesheim. A real gentleman. Sadly missed.
  8. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)


    Bugger me... Why???
  9. I believe that he was told that he had a terminal disease, he didnt want to burden anyone with having to look after him, so he did the honourable thing (in his mind). I believe the unfortunate part was his family were at the house at the time.
  10. Gobsmacked at this. He was one of the one's I refered to above. Met him a few times in Germany in the 80's and he had time to talk to the ORs.
  11. An absolutely fantastic bloke, that I worked closely for. The last Director to actually know what the truly important assets are within his Corps..........his troops!!!! Will be sorely missed!
  12. Big loss to the Aviation fraternity, he will be sadly missed.
  13. Sin Gin Lyylte, memoiry said his wife passed on from a long term illness and he was badly affected.
    My boss at Minden from 74 till diddy david took over in 76.
    Good boss, ex Irish infantry Royal Ulster Rifles ? genuinly sorry to hear he is no longer with us.
    Give it some time and I'll pass on a few memories.
  14. Sorry to hear about my old CO at Hildesheim. Even as a REME you felt he had time for you, there weren't many like him. A sad loss.
  15. God Almighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This went from a forum about the pre commissioning picture book (Which is why I never initially bothered reading it) to me finding out about the death of my first CO in the Banana from 81 to 83. As I am out of the system now I was not aware. It also doesnt help that as a "Still serving member of the Army Air Corps" I am not granted the pleasure of receiving my journal anymore. What a sad loss. I know its is months gone but holy shti that was a shock. He was an absolute fantastic man and didn't deserve to go as was described.

    He knew everyone in the regt by name and made it a point of knowing his men well. He would even give the lads a lift in his staff car on the treck from the blocks to the hangars. I marched into hi office as a young tom, without an invite and with the RSM and Adjt having kittens, just so I could ask him if I could go on a sailing exped, before the end of the day (I was on duty Faaco Driver and was away all day). He sat me down while he called a Maj in Wallop and asked him what the best leg was...........that the Maj owed him a favour and that I was to get a good leg to go on. 3 months later i was sailing around the Carribean on a Nik 55 racing Yacht from Antigua back to Antigua.

    Last saw him in Andover in 2002 just before I moved on. He remembered my name and asked me how my wife was (by name). That was the measure of the man.

    Rest In Peace.