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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. Just got mine through the post this morning and for the first time since I left I was a bit disappointd.

    There didn't seem to be many pics of the 'boys' and the photos seemed a bit thin on the ground.

    Crackign write up abotu the 60th Anniversary of Arnhem but other than that seemed a little hollow.

    Well dont to the Belt fed fisherman on reaching 2000 hrs without killign anyone :D

  2. At least you've got yours. I'm still serving and work within 10 miles of Wallop and mine still hasn't arrived! :(
  3. I thought it came out in the summer!!!
  4. Perhaps he got last years!!

    dident get mine......

    Not sure if thats good or bad.
  5. It's the periodic Hawkeye and not the Journal per se, and it got down to deepest Wales yesterday as well.
    I agree with MDN though, there's not much in it apart from the omnipresent B***s B********d who seems to feature two or three times in every Journal/Hawkeye.
    Shame on the lack of photos, I only recognized the two WO’s in the Remembrance Sunday flag party.
  6. Apologies, I clearly can't read, wasn't the journal, was just a newsletter....With that in mind I'll wind my neck in and shut up :oops:
  7. Isn't the AAC journal the semi-annual listing of all the new frocks and big girl's blouses you guys use for uniforms?
  8. In comparison to the USMC journal (Gaydar Contact mag) the Army Air Corps looks like a unit full of movie stars :D
  9. Oh, in that case, I'll ge me coat..... :lol:
  10. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    Never mind. I'm sure that yr Mag will become more "comic strip" once yr new DAAvn settles in :wink:

    Actually it's guaranteed as you have a new COS as well next month...

    Both from units close to me and both top people :D :D
  11. I am detecting a hint of sarcasm in your post, could this be……?
  12. You obviously weren't in the Mighty 4th when the new COS was CO, now that really was fun :cry:
  13. Agree with MDN, even though it's just the newsletter it wasn't that interesting. Was expecting more photo's and much more interesting articles.

    Now that Boris is at Wallop, maybe we'll see even more of his cheeky smile often. I'd like to see a photo of him running the legendary Wallop BFT route in just a gold PVC 'G' string. Or maybe doing an article on an archaeology dig around the site of Choppers for fossilised remains of Airtroopers and beer mats. Wibble.