Discussion in 'Aviation' started by centman, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. It is proposed to hold an initial reunion of all those, boys and staff that served at JLR RAC Bovington in September 2009.

    Preparations are underway and if you would like to log on and register at www.jlrrac.co.uk you will find out all the latest info.


  2. Wow. Having a reunion for an intake that hasnt happened yet. Thats serioulsy planning ahead.

    Sorry, obvious piss take...carry on.
  3. And to think we let you fly boys into Bovvy, just cos you couldnt get in the RAF.
  4. Nice swift reply there, centman. ;)

    I couldn't get into the RAF because I am hetrosexual.

    I hear Bovvy is run by the Cav anyway. :roll:

    They're the daddies.
  5. MDN is going to the reunion, we need a large tent so he volunteered.
  6. Going through Bovvy at an early age was an advantage...... No matter how bad things get during the remainder of my life I know I can never get as low as a stinking tankie :D
  7. I agree :) seeing i was Cavalry, wait for Soprano and his werthers to turn up (when he finds his green zimmer frame) He will put you right. So fatboy you going to the reunion or what?
  8. Do you think the JRSM would miss a reunion?

    As for Soprano, he'll only appear if the site has wheelchair access and those railings in the toilet.
  9. Wasn't one

    If Soprano is going I'll have too....... There is a 20 year old score to settle there. The Cnut :D
  10. Oh i bet you were a JRSM, i can imagine you shouting at the boys there "come here,im stuck in my locker again" :lol:
  11. Smoke me, I wasn't.

    Check the website, there is a roll of honour of past J/RSMs my name isn't there.

    Flash is hurling cheap shots because he got savagley buggered as a junior infanteer and still weeps about it now. Partly from him bottom and partly from his eyes
  12. Methinks the Lady does protest to much :D Ive just checked, i cant see a JRSM called Cnut however there is one called Fatty, so i guess thats you :)
  13. Yes I am swift, in and out while you lot are still in your pits pulling your socks on.
  14. I'll be going and will look forward to meeting J/Dung Trumpet Major MDN again!!! :p
  15. Soprano, he has changed somewhat. Just look out for a bloke who looks like a 6 foot version of Vanessa Felts with the teeth of a 10 year old comb.