AAC in Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Romeo_47, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Would anyone have photographs of there time if they where in Northern Ireland with the AAC. I have a book called Army Avavtion in Ulster which is good but if anyone would help me to see what the views where like from inside a helicopter, or landing at XMG. I would be very grateful if i see even a photograph thanks. :D
  2. Bit of an OpSec issue for a newbie - why do you want the shots?
  3. I live in NI and i see helicopters everyday since i first saw one i had this thing and wanted to be a pilot. I see the Lynx and Gazzele and sometimes a Puma flying about. As i was saying about that book. I've been reserching photos of the "Clockwork Mouse" and the Scout helicopters in South Armagh. I would like a photogrpah to see what it was like to be in those and an opinion how it was to fly into Bessbrook with the threat of getting shot down.
  4. CR,

    Spot on!


  5. Sorry If it makes that im acting strange but im 15.
  6. so am i.

    where do you live?
  7. I'm 15 and so's my Mum!
  8. Didn't someone place a similar thread about four months ago????
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  10. From the way i'm writing you all prob think that i'm some terrosist. Sorry my grammer isnt good.
  11. Eagle patrols in winter around south Armagh were barstewards.When you went back to base the snotters were frozen onto your face.
  12. LOL, green snot frozen like a green curry leftover!!!!
  13. Anything to be of assistance. 1st try the book series British Army in Ulster by David Barziay, published by Century Books (any good library). Or try Daily Mail, Mon 9 Nov 1987, page 2. :?
  14. Thanks for your help i will look into it. How can i get the Daily mail from 1987?