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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by logo500, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Currently sat here in the good old desert and been watching crewroom classic films!

    Just seen who dares wins, and its raised a few questions

    1. Who were the scout pilots?
    2. Who was the groundie on the bowser doing dip checks?

    thinking a bit more about it

    3. Who flew the lynx in the oasis music video?
    4. Who was the lynx pilot who stared in an episode of soldier soldier? (lynx crash in bosnia i think, robson and jerome saved the day)

    are there any other tv/film classics that have stared AAC personnel?

  2. The Scouts in Who Dares Wins were flown by 656 Sqn. Rememeber items kept in the old crewroom at Netheravon from the film set such as the clapper boards and photos. Not sure of names though.
  3. The film "Dogs of War" about an attempted mercenary-supported coup in West Africa, was filmed in Belize. The Airport terminal became "Zangaro International Airport" (sign last seen adorning the entrance to Butcher Radar).

    Near the end of the film the new President is flown to the capital in a Gazelle from 25 Flt. In one shot "ARMY XX237" markings on the tail boom can be clearly seen.
  4. Who Dares Wins had a pilot involved who was awarded the DFC for his bit in the Falklands. Initials JG.
  5. The Lynx in the Oasis video was flown by the now RW1 AFSSI. The other Lynx are studio created.
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Some of your chums also did the Top Gear thing with Clarkson in a Lotus Elise and your chaps flying about in an Apache.
  7. Was in 658 with JG he was a good lad,

    I beleive Sebcoe Stared in " tophatch" the bowser and refuelling trg film made in the 80s
  8. Achmed,
    Not sure if it was Sebcoe as "tophatch", I thought it may have been Steve O, the other famous runner. May be wrong?
    New JG well also, became my boss in Soest.

  9. I dont believe it was JG
  10. Yes it was, 100%
  11. oops, getting mixed up a crewman with the same initials 8O I know who the other pilot was!
  12. All the Close up shots were of Seb, Steve O, was not involved, can you remmember the dodgy looking pilot?? in the film
  13. 25 flight were also involved in a film starring Harrison Ford - think it was called something like ‘Mosquito coast’. It was made in the mid eighties and they gave the flight one of their boats as a thank you. Not sure what happened to it as it had disappeared by the time I got there in ‘88
  14. According to my Boys Bumper Book of Aircraft Markings XX237 is a Hawk T1 belonging to the Red Arrows, whoever they are.
  15. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by the fact that you own such a book, or that you have it so readily to hand...!