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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by 81cufc, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Okay, I'm a Loggie right now, but an Ammo Spec STAB, so I'm not thick! Been on a ride out with the AAC on the Lynx (my first ever helo ride) & frankly I feckin loved it, so much I went twice!

    I'm off to get some sand under my toes & am contempleating my options, so looking at all trades for when I get back! I'm going regular army, so AT in the RLC is an obvious, but the AAC have turned my head now! Basically I've searched the army website & come up with jack!

    I love the idea of being a loadmaster/gunner on a lynx, tell everyhting I need to know?

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  2. Glad you enjoyed it! it does rock!

    Use the search function on here and look for door gunner

    also, the AAC dont have Loadmasters, we have Aviation Crewmen.

    Now the bad news
    * No direct entry to Aviation Crewman
    * No Aviation Crewman trade structure
    * No tiered flying pay inline with the other services
    * Aviation Crewman courses are not JHC recognised so no chance of transfer or exchanges
    * Aviation Crewman is seen by MCM as a jolly for two years, a little longer if lucky, then get back to Comms, Groundcrew or Supply Specialist and be eternally grateful for the chance to fly for a limited time.

    To be honest, if you want to fly, join the RAF as a Crewman, you can fly till you are 55 if you desire.
  3. I second G11. Go RAF, fly Chinook.
  4. yep don't join the AAC you will be better off in the RAF. Only join the AAC if you liked the circus when you were younger!!!
  5. As someone who teaches the job to baby aviation crewmwn I would say....join the RAF! Only joking, we are getting there! Got some decent kit (no knee pads) and anice big gun....BUT!...... We are a few years away from being treated seriously, and it'll take you a while to get to class one groundcrew anyway. If you want it quicker with better pay and conditions then become a crab, but those trousers......
  6. But you'll look fat in any trousers Groovygunner :headbang:
  7. CC_TA: That is excellent footage on the link you posted! :D

    groovygunner et al: I once heard Aviation Crewman was being/had been considered as role open to TA. Is there any truth in this rumour? :?
  8. On a serious note. True what G11 said but the Navy are mega short of crewmen. They also take them seriously enabling them to fly until 55.

    Worth to note that the Navy are soon to get all Merlins from the Crabs to replace Junglies.

    PM me if you need any details. :wink:
  9. With the RN, I'm fairly certain that for all Crewmen you have to have a trade prior to converting and we/they don't do direct entry. On the "Junglie" side of life if you are a RM you will need to be a Cpl first (so about 5-7 yrs service), the RN guys need to be a killick (5-7yrs service).

    Forgot to add that I'd agree with the other guys, for a quick entry into flying go to the RAF. Sadly the AAC has always undervalued the crewman/DG it has in the Sqns.
  10. True.

    Not true, RM LCpl and RN Leading Rate.
  11. Go RAF.

  12. No opportunities for Aviation Crewman with the AAC(V) at this time and unlikely in the foreseeable future. The core competence at 6 Regt is performing FARPing duties for the Regulars with IR's mobilising to support the AH deployments to JHF(A).

    The closest you might get as a reservist to military flying is 395 Air Despatch Troop RLC (V):


  13. Ralf, The L/Cpl bit is true but he has to have passed for Cpl (JCC course) and a LH is a killick.... :D :D :D
  14. Might be worth mentioning that CHF have recently announced that they are short of crewman. JHF have put a trawl out to the Corps to provide a number of AirTprs to do 2Yr tours as doorgunners on Junglies. I know that one of the Regt's are sending a number of blokes over the coming weeks, can't speak for other Regt's though.