AAC Harrogate, who went through the factory?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tw@., Mar 13, 2005.

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  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering how many of you went through Harrogate whilst it was still the Apprentices college?

    Me = Rawson Sqn, intake 90c

    Would be nice to see how many there are ;)


  2. 90B - Whitespear Tp J/Ldr

    loved it
  3. 1990, I was still in primary school. No particluar input here, just wanted to make you feel old :lol:
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  4. Yeah I went through in the early 90's, Scott Sqn. Loved it, 16 years old, 250 pounds a month pay, getting fcuked round from a%$*hole to breakfast. God I miss it!!!!!!
  5. 1990 I hadn't even started primary school.....

  6. My, what a pair of young whipper snappers :D. Its all relative like tho innit?

    If its any consolation, i dont feel that old :oops: will seriously rethink that statement when i start to see guys @ work who werent even a twinkle in their dads nut sack when i joined up :/

    Thanks for the replies peeps, keep em coming ?


  7. You've only got a year before it can start happening.

  8. 93A SCOTT SQN
  9. 89B Rapier Tp, Bradley Sqn. Loved it.

  10. Nice to see a few crawling out the woodwork ;) even though its a couple of cabbages and tech biatches :D ;) :p (all was fair in love and war, AAC Harrogate)

    Now all we need is someone from Penny (tooth brush gang :D) to stick their heads in.


  11. Best thing ever about Harrogate? Bradley Sqn when Single Entry moved from Catterick!

    We'd go out on the p1$$ every night of the week, go home every weekend (or alternatively, get woken up by the shouting from the square on a Saturday morning as your hangover kicks in!!)
  12. 90 ? I'd done two years hard labour by then , at some shithole called Ousten / albemarle barracks
  13. i was one of the last ones to go through in 95, before it shut down and we all had to move to bullshit central called 11 sigs
  14. Scott Squadron 91B-1Spec...

    ...and I'm still not bored explaining to the new lads who Mr. Barratt was :D
  15. i was one of the first sigs to pass out of harrogate when it reopend as afc harrogate