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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Nixypixy, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Reading through the Aviation areas of this site I seem to only come across negative opinions of the AAC Groundcrew as a job choice. Seeing as Groundcrew is my first job choice this is a little disheartening! Is there anyone who can say good things on the role? I have been mighty put off! Cheers guys!
  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    PM Blobmeister mate.

    Plenty of past generation groundies around however they are well and truly out of touch regarding current AAC ground roles.

    Good luck
  3. Everyone wants to be an ATPR 'cos they say you'll be a pilot in 2 years... *sky darkens with passing pigs*
  4. If anyone on here is in the AAC, particularly Groundcrew (or was until recently) could whip up a list of pros & cons that they experienced. That would be beaut! I've read and studied the 'perks' on the army jobs website but whether or not they are all entirely true is another thing im sure... Cheers!
  5. Have a good look through the search facility I think you'll find quite a few threads about Groundies.
  6. It's pretty much horses for courses really, I personally thoroughly enjoyed working with helicopters, moving them in and out of the hangars, refuelling, carrying out starts and other bits and bobs.
    Didn't really enjoy de-rusting bowser and land rover springs and doing other essential A jobs.

    As PG has alluded to, I'm well out of date, but it's worth considering this as a step on your career ladder, make the most of it and get noticed and promoted, and then you can choose if you want to go aircrew/APC etc.

    As said, I've been out for yonks and am not up to speed on how things are currently, but remember that everyone moans and shimfs about what any job is like, just make your mind up and go for it.

  7. Nixypixy.

    Not Air Corps myself but spent a posting at Middle Wallop as an armourer - Groundies and the stuff they do ain't all that bad to be honest.

    Like everywhere else in military and civilian life you get a wide variety of types that wear the light blue lid.

    Pros and Cons.
    What one person sees as an absolute brilliant bit of news will totally **** up someone else's day completely. (Pilots love a nice clear sunny day - Groundcrew love fog.)

    It's quite a small Corps with limited postings but some rather tidy deployments and training. Quite a close community with a very good social and sports side of life. Like most phase two establishments recruits can't wait to get out to a unit, however, as a posting Wallop isn't bad.

    Working with Groundies is normally a good laugh, I worked closest to the QMs Dept during the normal working week in Wallop and the Crewmen on exercise and ranges.

    Overall a good bunch of lads and lasses - with good opportunities to work and play.

    Edited to add: Can you get on a look at life course? A good eye opener!
  8. You might want to bone-up on the game of Uckers if you're planning on joining the Corps. A pathological dislike of Bastard Air Techs is optional.
  9. OPTIONAL....optional? I have hated them all this time, and I could of had a choice...the bar-stewards!
  10. I've clearly mellowed with the passing years. I'd joined with the intention of becomeing a BAT; then the lying bastards at Lichfield said "No, no, no, young man. You don't want to fix helicopters. Why, after a few months getting to know the ropes, you'll be sitting in one".

    Good times, great mates.
  11. as already said, its what you make of it, can be quite slow, boring and crap but also some great oppotunities to do stuff and go places. always ready orders for any upcoming atts and dets and just push to do do stuff. the ones who normally moan are also the ones who are lazy.

    8 Years in as a groundie and when the bad out weighs the good i'll sign off/transfer

    any questions feel free to PM me
  12. bri


    I agree I served over 5 years as a groundi and the way to look at it is youv got to start some where,I enjoyed my time.
    Uv also got to volanteer for everything I went nordic skiing in my first year at 1 regt.I didnt have a scooby what it was about I just said yeah why not it turned out I was running up hill with skis on.
    I then became a gunner which I stongly recomend.It has chanfed in my short time in the way that we are a small corps and when the apache came in there was alot of attention on the corps so it became abit moe **** then it used to be.
  13. I have ground crew down as my 1st choice and have ADSC on the 17th jan. I was chatting my recruiter today and he was telling me that air corps recruitment has no dates yet this year. It was to be in May but that date seems to gone now. I don't no how long I'll have to wait. Would any of ye have an idea or advice.
  14. Have you considered REME aircraft/avionics tech?
  15. bri


    The AAC is over maned at the mo so im not sure when the taking on dates will start.Like yhe othe post said have you concidered avionics tech.I have worked closely on the ground and in the air with these guys and there a good laugh promotions very good up until sargant eg they get L/cpl strat after completing phase 2 which I think is a year and is intense were a groundi will walk out of phase two idealy do 1 year b3 1 year b2 1 year b1 and hopefully get promoted to L/Cpl depending on other factors.The airtechs need the rank as they will be sighning certain jobs off on the aircraft (a/c).But like i said 2005 to 2010 they were a good bunch and ecellent on the drink good times (not to say us lot groundis wernt)