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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by donkeylasher, May 21, 2011.

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  1. hey all, i have my selection at glencourse in 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone can give me any advise on the job AAC Groundcrew as i have chosen this as my first choice? I have chose this job as i like the idea of working around the armys helicopters, im 17 years old so any advise you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    P.s if anybody has any Pro's & Con's for this job or any useful information at all please let me know :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. Bit late to be asking about the job if you've already put it as your first choice isn't it?

    sent from my HTC Wildfire, so I probably should be working
  3. no i just want some advise on the job in general, i dont think id change my job choice now even tho i could if i wanted too :)
  4. Probably better off asking this question in the recruiting or aviation forum.
  5. :)Thus moved to here
  6. Stay away from signals and try not to go to an AH regiment as that is where you will stay FOREVER moohahahahahahaha.

    Sorry didn't know what came over me as I span around in my chair stroking my white pussy..... Mmmmm pussy !

    Serious note - Stay away from Singnals and AH.
    Go to a Lynx unit as Driver/Ground crew, you'll have more fun and do alot more than talk on radio's and put hardware onto AH because the 'AH Loveemselves' drivers have all the glory getting rid of them.

    Good Luck
  7. I agree with Ralf, but have no experience with the AH. I was a Groundie and although it could be unpleasant at times, like all jobs, I really enjoyed working with Lynx and Gazelles (do we still use Gz's?). I never really understood those who joined the AAC and then went straight into Sigs, always seemed a bit daft to me.

    Hope you get your first choice and good luck, feel free to PM me if you want some out of date advice.
  8. Join the RAF ;)
  9. No, he wants to join the Forces.
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  10. A good choice - Groundcrew. Why be a Comms Spec (retread bleep) when you can drive a 40 ton OSHKOSH refuel vehicle? You get to manhandle Lynx, Apache, (some) Gazelle, Islander, Defender and the odd female behind the bike sheds!
  11. I did both FARP mong and Sigs jobs back in't days of HELARM and then 24 Air Mob Bde. Both were great fun, but in the end Sigs was the way I went and it proved a good move for getting work in civvy strasse when I left.

    Very different Corps now, what with all these computers and big bombed up AH thingies...if anything I suspect the old FARP type jobs are a bit more interesting.
  12. Good point Fred, I have yet to find a job advert for 'Building Surveyor - must also be a whizz with an ML handler and can recognise a T55'
    But still if you wanted to play with cabs join the Air Corps, if you want to spend your time sitting in the back of a landy twiddling knobs, then join the R.Sigs.
  13. Joining the AAC is a good choice, when you get to phase 2 at middle wallop, you'll do a basic radio user course and if you do well you will complete a class 3 signals course, comms is definatley the way forward...its the groundie good life, if you end up going to MT you'll be pushing and pulling helicopters and refuelling them, thus stinking of fuel, this is generally where the f**k tards of the AAC go.
    good luck
  14. Odd being the operative word! :)
  15. if you want to drive big vehicles, the RLC is a good bet, there not far off the same education standard as the MT drivers we have in the AAC