AAC - Groundcrew usual day.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by BennnY, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi, another question just asking what day to day life is like as a member of the AAC.

    I know you start off at the bottom, so anyone still in that band please let me know.

    What is a typical day?
    Jobs involved?

    Is it boring work, is it the same old shit everyday?

    Still the major career path I want, but is it going to fulfill my needs for getting the most out of my day?

  2. i work with the air corp and it would have to depend like anyother reg, on what job you planned on doing. ie qm's side of life or being a door gunner. but i aint in the AAC so i wouldnt know for def. but i will say that the majority seem happy with there chosen cap badge. especial if you get the door gunners course under your belt. working hours at 4 regt are 8:30 till 5:00 mondays tuesdays and thursdays finishing at earlier times on wednesday and friday.
  3. Amongst your hobbies, would you say that sweeping aircraft hangars is in the top three?
  4. Used to be, start the day about 08:30; brush, paint, 2" in right hand, tin of paint, NATO Green IRR, 5 litre in the other. Swap the green for black around midday, finish at 16:30, except Friday, when the Flight Safety Meeting kicked off at 15:00.
  5. Depends on where you work and what is occuring!
    Command Troop (Sigs)
    in for 0800, brew up slag everyone off in the crew room.
    0830 bedin work- depending on what is occuring will depend on what you will be upto-IE build upto Exercise you will be working on your vehicle , testing kit, loading equipment etc
    generaly on day to day basis you would be working around the troop, doing various jobs such as maintenace on vehicles, radio equipment, PT, lessons on radio equipment, briefings! wherever you go whatever SQN there are pants jobs from time to time, you crack on and think about lashing it up or the days when you turn up , like fridays after PT, clean up , park the wagons and bang out early!!!!
    oh always Naafi break at 10-1030, and 1500-1530, knock offf around 1630 except fridays when it generally around lunchtime!! hope this helps! go sigs whatever you do tho!!
    also at some point you will have to go onto "crew" which is working moving and refueling the cabs.
  6. Hang on, so everything you have just told me is nothing to do with the AAC's daily routine?

    Cheers mate.

    Do you guys really do that little :cyclopsani: ?
  7. He's talking about the AAC cap-badged Signals sections within the Army Air Corps units...have you done any research yourself donut?
  8. As Fred_Frog alluded too, if you had done any research you would know an AAC Flying Squadron is made up (For Groundcrew) of 2 sections- The MT(Motorised Transport) and the Signals Section.
    self explanatory?
    You also have HQ Squadron- which contains Command Troop ( A large Signals Section).
    Every Regiment and Corps within the Army needs Communications doesnt it? i was telling you about AAC Soldiers who do signals!
  9. MT

    I am out now, but a usual day in 658, Breakfast 0700. shit, shower, shave

    MT for 0750, show my face very breifly( let em know your there) disappear to avoid first thing "dick ins'.

    0800 go to flight crew room for coffee with the groundies have the craic until Naafi break (growler +tea)

    Back to MT 1030. pick up a driving detail+ oppo to Wallop.

    1100 coffee at cafe in Amesbury. (boiler watch)

    1130 travel to Wallop.

    1230 arrive. Lunch break

    1400- 1500 do what we set out to do.

    1500- 1530 catch up with people you have nt seen for a while.

    return to Nethers 1645, fuel up unload. finish at 1700 ( 5hr claim) day over

    Fcuk off for tea.

    1830 go for run.

    Trap off in Salisbury
  10. I was actually asking a decent question.

    Cheers everyone.
  11. Well that was the pay review done for AAC soldier groundcrew!!!

    See you again in 5 years time!!!

    Although you might not think it at the time but the basic AAC groundie plays a vital role towards making that amazing skygod reach for the sky!

    MT Drivers, Refuellers, Ground handling, Arming Teams, Ops room staff, MPS operators, Signallers, Storemen, Air doorgunners.

    All a vital piece of the AAC machine. And as for brushing hangers a clean work place is a happy one! (more brushes required)
  12. If you have so much spare time then get yourself down to the Education centre and onto an English course!
  13. No, you asked a reasonable question, got a reasonable response, misunderstood that response through a lack of understanding of the AAC soldier's role, then used childish sarcasm and threw your teddy bear out of the pram.

    I suggest you correct your attitude, be polite, do a bit of homework and then come back. You might find you'll get a more positive response that way.

    Or more nig-bashing.
  14. when can you even start to think about qualifying for door gunner then?
  15. When you can drink the bar dry, Pull the best looking birds and never lose a fight.....ever. Then and only then you can apply.