AAC going fixed wing?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by wg100, May 29, 2007.

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  1. A course started this week at one of the civvy flying schools for some AAC chaps, apparantly to train the up on multi-engine fixed wing flying.
    Can anyone shed any light on this?
  2. Islander training??
  3. probably to try and boost numbers cause all those FW pilots they had in pipeline have leaked out, must be a Thames water thing
  4. Not getting the A10?..... just a guess.
  5. oooooooooo A10 gimme that and I would go back
  6. Something far more useful than a Warthog... :bounce:
  7. Depends what you want it for.
  8. Maybe they just wanted to test the security within the AAC and were looking to see if anyone would BLURT out information that may or may not endanger soldiers at a civilian school?

    Maybe, just maybe, there would be a bloke in the unit who was just nosey?
  9. Pointing out that the AAC are attending a flight school "somewhere in UK" can hardly be regarded as targetting infiormation ( unless you are Arclight). For a "security breach" to occur, I would be looking for a credible threat first.

    Perhaps Ozzie BL does not know he is going to find the british squaddie massing at certain rail termini on a Friday afternoons, or at certain hostlerys on a Saturday night?

    Perhaps only "WasMe" is a ware of the Fatwah that has been issued against Army Aviation for unholy consumption of "nutty" on the muslim sabath?

    If you want to know why they are training more on twin, check the "Defense Media" accross the pond, all will be explained
  10. Any chance of a link or bit more of a direction to look...?
  11. Wasme, Your such a wag.!!!!
  12. Perhaps some AAC officer wants to be King Air?

    Don't know what BLURT is an acronym for though!
  13. Sorry, the guys are not really doing a fixed wing conversion...... They're going on Big Brother. Its a new AAC 50th Bday thing, DAAvns been keeping it very hush hush!
  14. Joined up typing?? :?
  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the AAC, still up it's own bum eh?