AAC Familiarisation Visit 30th Nov


Hi there I posted this on PPRUNE but the chaps there suggested I try here, as there was no one there that could help.

It would be great to hear from anyone thats attending the AAC potential officers visit at Middle Wallop on the 30th November?..

And could one of you AAC guy do me a big favour and let me know the kind of stuff we will get up to on the visit and what the selection procedure are all about. Not really had much info on this so it would be really helpfull.

Thanks, APOS

Ground hog

It’s been a while since I went through the mill but….You can expect to get an interview or two – expect questions to focus on your knowledge of the Corps and your motivation for joining. Avoid answers like “I just want to fly” or “I want to fly Apache”. The focus for officers in the Corps is “leadership” (quite rightly so…but this doesn’t always appear to match reality!).

You can also expect to get a tour of the museum and a walk round some of the hangers. In the past a famil flight was on offer, but I’m not sure if this is still the case with budgetary constraints???

One last bit of advice…Don’t get lashed up in the bar as the other Ruperts may have been asked to comment on you via a feedback form. This is not to say that Big Brother is watching you but…. The process is designed to find out whether or not you would fit in to the “AAC family”. Finally remember that just like “families” you don’t have to like all of your relatives!

Good Luck


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