AAC Fam Visits

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by PM-88, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone give me an insight into a AAC fam visit? What sort of stuff of you do etc etc...

    Thanks for any helpful replies,

  2. Yes, it's brilliant fun, actually. I'll tell you the bones of mine:

    Arrive on first day, sit and chat with other potentials in Officers mess, all very jolly.
    Meet Captain X who is responsible for Officer recruiting (possibly also meet the Colonel (Retd.)).
    Get shown around Apache training facility, shown different helicopters, finishing with the squirrel (Training helicopter).
    Sit in said helicopter and ask any and all questions to Captain X.
    Go for flight in a Gazelle with Captain X (Not guaranteed).
    Learn how to possum drink in the evening with subalterns in the mess (Good game, good game...)
    Awake next day feeling rough and smelling worse.
    Interview with Colonel to establish why the AAC etc.

    Go home and sleep. :D It's a good laugh, and worth it.