AAC exchange officers to US Army ..fly anything exotic?

Quickie questions, about AAC exchange officers (NOT ETPS grads)to US Army tend to fly


and probably TH-67 Creek trainer to famil themselves with jargon and airspace.

What else can an AAC exchange officer be qualified /expected to fly on exchange in the US Army and whats the most exotic equipment they can touch?

I guess no exchange AAC officer has had the luck to fly the A/MH-6 LIttle Birds or MH-60L of the 160th SOAR Night Stalkers unless they've done SF duties here?
Sorry I'll rephrase that to say other diverse equipment such as HH-60L Lifehawk ( EMS equipped medevac), umm fixed wing C-12 or even let loose on a UC-35 Citation or thrash around with their OPTEC/Threat Support activity former soviet MI-8 and MI-24 at NTC and JRTC

So what can an AAC exchange officer fly in USA, apart from 58D, 64D , Uh-1h, TH-67, UH-60 (various models and role fits)

I gather that if there is an ETPS graduate on a exchange as a test pilot he would fly everything from the above and more probably going to Pax River and going up in jets to multi engine to various H-53, AH-1W/Z, UH-1N/Y, S/MH-60/B/S/F/R, TH-6 (soon to be replaced by UH-72A)

Would someone with 8 Flt experience be allowed to fly with the Nightstalkers?

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