AAC Corps RSM taking an interest in ARRSE

Apparently, the Corps RSM for the AAC is taking an interest in our humble website.


Given that his world is about to be expanded by 6 Regt AAC (V) - 7 Regt is most ex-Regulars so doesn't really count - is there anything in particular that readers of the TA forum think he should take on board ?

Abacus and MSR, your opinions are particularly sought given the sagacity of your many previous posts.
I would recommend this page, especially the thoughts of HarrySmith at the bottom of it.

I second msr. Now getting (definitely non-arrse) people quoting these recruitment and retention ideas word for word back at me as best practice so clearly the web-site is being well accessed across the board and those who are accessing it are briefing appropriately. Interestingly, if the Army was ever to go for IIP Champion status it would need to do stuff like swapping best practice, nice to know ARRSE is doing it's bit already :D

Your Corps RSM should have no difficulty establishing strong links into Recruit Group - especially as CRG has been known to fly his own Helicopter between venues ;) Check his Bio - he is good people. He is also VERY informed on Reservist issues.

I suspect also that he will be reading this for himself rather than having some lackey brief him on it but that would just be scurrilous rumour on my part.

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