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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by soldier soldier, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. Jus reading over some comments about morale in the AAC. I am seriously considering a career in the AAC. Are things that bad right now? Lots of exercises happenin etc...?

  2. Hey Soldier Soldier

    If you are after a career in the forces then you need to know from the start that we love to chunter about allsorts! It does not mean that things are bad just that a soldier needs to let steam off now and a gain. :lol:

    Join us and find out for yourself.
  3. Oh yeah almost forgot,

    Dont go joining some "crap" hat Regiment ( I can say that as I know for a fact we wore the maroon beret first!!). The Army Air Corps is without a doubt the Regiment of the future!!

    And I for one am proud to wear my beret!!

  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the Blue Beret Of Power

    Just wait till you rock up to a BG O'Gp and bluff your way to glory, no-one fu*ks with you ever

    top tip, go signals, its for winners!!!!!

    oh, have a look at the RLC or SIGS forum if you want to see bad morale

    stacker/scailey tossers
  5. G11, signals? Nothing like aiming low then.

    Clearly not been on many then, have you? Inf/Tanks/Arty then the 'Corps'. Way its always been, way it will always be. Fact of life, fact of the food chain. Any pretentions otherwise would indicate you are either a sprog or a sprog.

    RLC - Commanders need supplying/feeding
    Sigs - Commanders need to talk
    Int - Commanders need 'the knowledge'
    RE - Commanders need the path clear
    AGC - Commanders produce a crap load of paperwork
    AAC - Its 'nice' to visit the chaps via a helicopter plus they have no idea what an Apache does/are ignorant/dismissive to the capabilities of the AH.

    Yes the AAC is a good place to be but ffs, dont try and sell what it aint! If you want a stepping stone into the two winged master race, start off in another corps. I advise RA, RLC or a Corps that will allow you decent promotion prior to 'jumping ship'. If you wish to be a refueller or a rather ill equipped and insular signals man of poor quality or a pan whalla pushing and pulling then the AAC is for you. (Although by wearing the blue beret, you can pretend youre a pilot whilst away from the corps).
  6. Ah, the AGC speaks

    Are you a pilot?

    If so, which AAC do you fly for?

    I bet you're one of those dicks who belive all the groundies are there to make you brews and tidy up your shi*e admin,

    Ref BG O'groups,

    Why do most BG's with BATUS time ask for AOP's? maybe because AOP's spot tgts before the Chally 2's do, (as the MBT's move faster and have better optics than CVR(T) thats good going)

    I'm not even going to start on Telic, some damn good work done there by the whole of the corps, 5MEF wanted to take our FARPS north with them, never seen anything like the LPC's and rearm/ refuel crews at work.
    PF were actively asking for AAC signalers to join their callsigns

    in fact, i bet you've got nothing to do with the AAC at all

    go away sprog

    PM me if you dare nob head
  7. BG O'Gps,
    RLC- normaly some chick 2nd LT just out of the box
    Sigs- none there, Sigs Pl/Comd Tp RSO and RSWO, asking for favours of the AAC sigs on the last two MedMans (i did Last year......)
    Int- From the Bn or Regt
    RE- Fair one
    AGC- not on an O'Gp, exept to set the chairs out

    what about the Arty BC? are you trying to tell me BG dosent need Arty? or any OS?

    who liases with and flys the ABFAC?

    want me to go on? i've got more
  8. Reference sloberdan_Mikochyerbich's quote an insular signals man of poor quality!!

    Did you go on Telic 1!
    I didn't but for the last two years of driving to bde hq and sigs sqn every other day to deal with crypto and stuff I know that the boys are held in the highest regard since said operation where they proved to be some of the finest signallers in the army!!! nevermind the bde!

    I know of several incidents where the bde could not get comms but due to the efficent drills and skills of cetain AAC rebro callsigns the bde got comms! after being told by their own signallers that it was impossible.

    So to start talking that kind of crap about the boys is fcuking outrageous, which begs the question have you been to many Bde o'o gps!!!

    And to say the Corps is a fine place to be and then slag off all the groundies is fcuking typical jumped up nig officer speak!! (unless you are 3 REGTs old charlie oscar in which case you really are a cnut)
    To put it mildly you really are a cnut

    Anyway rant over.

    Reference joining the corps, well it depends what you want to do in the corps, if you want to fly quickly then yes, go to another corp first and come across that way. If you want to get an all round better experiance of army aviation first then come as a groundie first and learn to hate everyone!
  9. Being an infantry terrior for 2 years now, I want to go regs, but do something different. Is the AAC an exiting place to be, always on the move etc?
  10. If you enjoy being f**cked about from morn till night then come on over. The corps is exceptionally busy at the mo, so if you are a singley then you should enjoy the travelling. But if you are married then forget it......unless your other half is a swamp donkey.

    As for slobodan kissmecrack, or whatever your name is then get back to sorting your paper clips you knobhead.
  11. Well said qman, am currently colocated with Golf One One and you are quite correct!!

    Don't know who that cnut is but who cares, I'll have a telegraph!!
  12. Can't see how anybody could not want to join the Corps, loads of shiney toys. and there are loads more on the way. of-course you will be underpaid until you either pass gradeing or get rear crew, not sure what that is LOL.

    Any who I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 16 years and continue to do so even if for the most part I have been on the ground.
  13. If you manage to get into our beloved Corps, just remember not to leave your shoes anywhere where GingeG can find them.

    Either that or take some king sized cat litter with you.

    Slobodan you c0ck, haven't you got a big pile of 1033's to sort out for that huge fcuking chip on your shoulder?
  14. "Sloberdan_Mikochyerbich

    Get your heels together ShitCunt, prepare to recieve a bolocking from the finest members of the corps!

    think we have a personality clash, you and i,

    i've got one............................

    still waiting for the reply to my PM.....................

    thats right, wont get one
    the school computer is U/S
  15. G11, check your PMs, tool. :wink: