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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by neildonald, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Dose anybody know the net start date for AAC Solider?

    I've been given one.. but i have my doubts on it being Legitimate.

  2. Neil, if the Careers Office have given you the date, I doubt if there's any point in questioning its status, even if it is next year.
  3. What reason do you have to doubt the start date you have been given? Nobody here will be able to tell you your training dates, only your AFCO or ACIO will be able to tell you that, so listen to them.
  4. Not 100% because I'm at work and everything is at home but I'm pretty sure the job sheet you would have been given shows the next intake on. Whether you'd be on that next intake or not I don't know but AAC Aviation something come up on mine and there was no intake til well into 2010.
  5. the reason I'm curious is i've been told it was july - aug course and the Careers adviser has been hinting for me to go infantry.. I'm just wondering if this was a last ditch attempt for me to jump over...

    maybe it is true just seams a long time to not take onto a corps... thats a 1 year gap in recruitment!
  6. It's a small Corps, with, from what I hear, very good retention. They don't need to recruit more often.
  7. Totally incorrect, the job vacancies that you see on the job sheet are a guideline based on the monthly recruit allocation plan and does change monthly ;)

    And if truth be known applicants arent supposed to be given that sheet in reality quite simply because of that information being on there being misleading to an applicant ;)

    As far as having been told your intake date, why would your recruiter try to mislead you? we are under extremely aggressive targets and each enlistment is a statistic for the recruiter, it is not in our interest to delay enlistments whatsoever, we want people in as quick as possible to save the waiting around and the subsequent social working we have to do to keep applicants motivated ;)

    We have been advised in offices to career brief any applicant that finds themself having to wait for what see as an unrealistic period of time, to see if they want to join another part of the Army, it is your choice if you decide to wait it out :)
  8. didn't see the reply :p i waited and i start training Next week :) (just thought you;'d like to know) Thanks Guy's
  9. Good luck - see ya in Wallop!
  10. Good luck!