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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Penetrator_01, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Bit of a grey area in my sqn, when will or when did it sit, and when do the results get dished out to the masses?

    Or wll my Adjt lose them for 6 weeks....
  2. Believe the results are out next week!!! Near enough any airtpr with any class one subject under their belt will probably get picked up!!! Even the canadian doofus!!!! God Help the World!!! :D
  3. LCpl Newfie???? Thought I'd never see the day....
  4. All good things come to those that wait......or you can just kiss ass and skip the waiting......

    Of course I am a waiting man but I know the latter....
  5. I have been waiting 6+ years, now picked up, but its on posting. Could be another 11 months to wait!
  6. All the guys that got picked up in our squadron have been wearing it since the day the results were released.
  7. Which sqn you in? all 3 of ours have to wait til posting!
  8. I'm 662 but as far as I know all 3 Regt are wearing
  9. There are at least two that have to wait which is strange as the others are wearing
  10. Did the Canadian Doofus pickup? If there is a god then the answer must be no!!!
  11. Yes he did
  12. had to wait 7 months to wear my first, but that was when dinosaurs were'nt just in zoos
  13. And who the fcuk might you be??