AAC AirTpr - L/Cpl for Oct 2007

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by AAC_Welcome_To_The_Circus, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Hay all, I've checked ArmyNet for the results but there not on there, also browsed this forum and found a link to the dates of last years results (that board sat late).

    Theres a few rumours floating around this year such as :-

    theres only 15 slots corps wide
    theres 16 O1 CR's this year so any one under O1 will not be getting promoted (Shadow Board anyone?).
    the Results are due mid September (now-ish).

    I get the feeling by watching the mannerism's of my GSF Captain and Staffie that they have the results but are hiding them because they were not quite what there expecting.

    were all working late and starting early recently because of these stupid ECI's. i myself have supported another Sqn's exercise, done CTS for another Sqn, prepared countless L/R's for ECI's, Guard Duties as well as other stuff... the lot of us are threaders and i think there keeping the results back so theres not a mass sign off!

    so anyone know when i can expect to log onto JPA and sign off? i mean hear the results?
  2. Afraid to say it but I think there is going to be a mass exodus from the AAC. From the people around me up north i'm not sure there is anyone who is actually still signed on!! I'm not going to slag the AAC.... not today anyway (day off) :wink: Just get used to bending over youll probably get it at some point
  3. Results are out on the 5th of Oct arnt they...?

    Ref the rumour mill, dont believe the hype. Its all been said before.

  4. Christ! I'm almost _fucking_ establishment now.....!!!!!!
  5. Youve changed G11, youve changed.......

    15 LCpl slots Corps wide? Youre shitting me right?
  6. i'm hoping it's shite but the corps has changed so much in the past 4 years i wouldn't put it past them to remove the rank of SSM and institute a " centralized punishment Officer"

    i "should" of picked up last year (i feel anyway) but they blanketed us all with B3's so they could get one guy promoted and it back fired as he signed off and is now out!
  7. I'm a bit out the loop here but isnt Atpr-LCpl Regt level only and not a Corps wide board?
  8. corps wide, but most people tend to stay in the same regt / sqn thanks to some "higher up" help
  9. If you had bothered to speak to someone 'in the know' (i.e. your GSF Comd) he may have offered you the (perfectly true) explanation that all Army promotion boards are published on the same day. Therefore every Pte/Sig/Dvr/ATpr etc etc etc finds out on the same day. Do you not find it surprising, therefore, that your GSF Comd could keep the results of the board secret as part of some great Corps-wide conspiracy...... please!

    I just hope for your sake that the day the board is released you are happy. Having said that I do worry that if you are so cynical as an ATpr, God help us all when/if you become an NCO and beyond.
  10. I know! theres a reason why i'm hiding my mental instability from the military!

    don't worry i'm a well rounded man with a level head on my shoulders, just prone to the odd bout of "pessimistic soldiering". seems silly when you think about it.

    thanks for the information though.

  11. There is no place in the Corps for the likes of you young fellow me lad!!!!

    Be gone and dont darken our doors again!!!!

  12. thats EXACTLY what my CR said! :lol:
  13. Just out of interest whats the average time from phase 2 & Leconsfield to getting your first up as a ground crewman(is it so many ears before CR's, genuine reason for asking. I know the REME techs are accelerated promotion but just wondered on your side.
  14. in the AAC you get your Lance Corporal around the 4/5 year point.
    if your REME you will be a Lance Corporal out of training and then Full Corporal at around the 3 year point.

    in my experience.
  15. I know in the Air Tech world its like that mate, Im a VM black hand trade and guarantee promotion hasnt been that quick for me :roll: . Just enquiring as my sons joined your mob and is at Middle Wallop doing phase 2. Cheers for info.