AAC Air Aptitude Tests

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by teaandmedals, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. I go for my Air Aptitude Tests for the AAC at Cranwell in early July, and was hoping that someone could give me an idea of what the tests entail. I've searched, and can't find a thread that answers this question, though I'm ready to be proved completely wrong.
  2. Mate, check pm.
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  3. Sloppy Link, please could you be a gent and provide me with any info you have also.
  4. Hello, hope I can help.
    I did the Aircrew selection and medical 5-6 years ago (and passed) for the AAC. I did not follow it through and decided that getting married and kids may not be the best combo when starting a career in the Army. I totally regret it now though! Anyway this is what I remember. All were based on a computer.

    The first test was based on eye-hand co-ordination, you had to keep a ball/dot in the centre of the screen by making small adjustments to keep it from going everywhere. The second was a multi tasking test
    you had to do some simple maths at the same time as a playing a simple computer game (like dodging a ball on an Atari).

    And the final one from memory was you were given 3-D pictures of planes at different angles of flight and you had to choose which one of the of the six were the correct Attitude Indicator (and vice-versa). Apart from that, it was good fun and not really that difficult, its all I can remember.

    Just stay calm and enjoy the day.
  5. Hi, I have previously found this when looking for the RAF ones for OASC, and from what a few mates have said who have actually done them, these are quite accurate descriptions. Not sure if the AAC aptitude tests are the same as the OASC, RAF ones, but if they are, here it is:

  6. No, the aircrew ACC testing is not the same with regard to the RAF process. You will do some of the same tests as listed on the Link but not all of them. When I was at Cranwell their were chaps from the RAF and Navy sitting tests and from what they said the aptitude testing is more detailed or lengthy and I have no doubt that the perscibed list on the link is what they had to complete.
  7. Sloppy Link, could you also post me the link as I'm thinking of joining again.
  8. Doesnt sound as if it's changed much in nearly 30 years. :)
  9. Haha love it! Best is 85 so far on my 4th try! Curious about AAC pilot career as I have 190 UCAS points now (a shambles of AS results, but above the minimum requirement I think?? Please correct me if I am wrong), despite the obvious RLC piccy in my profile and my want for the Ammo Tech trade. I just know if I where to attempt an officer role it would only be AAC pilot for me (not saying the others aren't worth pursuing, it's more of a massively high and probably unachievable aspiration, but hey, we can all dream ha!).
  10. Oooo, just found on the army website (old news I know) that you can train to be a pilot as an NCO! Bloody gonna have to change one of my top 3 now if that is the case, I was mistaken when told at the recruiting office I wouldn't be able to fly if I went in as aircraft technician thinking that was groundcrew, numpty :L
  11. Don't rush in thinking that you'll be automatically selected for Pilot training. It will take you a few yrs to get promoted to Cpl, then you need to apply, IF you are very lucky and your Unit can spare you then you can go for selection. This in itself is a massive obstacle.

    The chances of becoming a Pilot in the AAC that way are very slim. I'd suggest a look at the other options of direct entry as Officer Pilot in the AAC, RAF or RN.

    Good luck
  12. Yeah I did figure as much, for durations, from reading the information on the website.

    Sadly at 22 y/o I cannot rely on free education and feel that paying for A levels (although an investment if I do well) is just plain silly really. I don't think I have enough points at 190, I will be having a chat with the recruiters though as I would have ground crew as my second choice purely because of this possibility of pilot training :)

    Thankyou for the advice though :)