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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by 19jw89, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. I know I could be in for a significant amount of hate, flaming and general dislike simply for mentioning the Air Corps, but I would like to get some helpful advice if at all possible - specific things they might be looking for, above and beyond the requirements laid down at AOSB.

    Okay, to break it down - I know that in order to progress to flying grading, you first have to pass OASC at RAFC Cranwell - which is lucky because I live very very close by. I'm not entirely certain what the tests consist of however, and was wondering if anyone could give me a broad heads up.

    Assuming that I pass that, it's on to the grading. I'm going to open myself up to a lot of hate here, and admit that in my foolish teenage years I was a member of my school's CCF, more specifically the RAF section, and thus got a bit of flying experience - is it best to keep this quiet on the grading, and let them assume I'm starting from scratch? After all, if I admit to it, they might expect that my standard be slightly higher from the off.

    I'd prefer to get all this done before going off to RMAS, date yet to be confirmed but currently looking to get in May '11. I'm going to make the informed assumption that it needs to be done before, because from what friends tell me, there is no time otherwise.

    Now, I'm going to go and hide under my desk with a helmet on, waiting for the incoming...
  2. Look around at rumration (linky top right, head to the Newbies Forum, under grading or FAA etc) and www.pprune.org. The general flying stuff can be found at both those sites, and there is lots of current detail.

    As for AAC specific stuff, no idea I'm afraid!
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    Unlikely and the ladies will want to blow your legs up
  4. Only one way to find out...
  5. Couple of points, definatly mention about getting some previous flight time, they will find out and it will bite you in the arse otherwise.

    Get flight gradings done ASAP, as you say, there is no time once you're at the factory. A pass beforehand is a great big tick in a box.
  6. Tell them, they ask you all anyway. No point in lying. A few people have civvy lessons beforehand anyway; and usually a few 'ex cadets' kicking around.

    Read the threads in the Aviation bit of Arrse. Might help. You'll have to trawl through a few pages though. The advice given about doing it before RMAS is also good - you need to as you will want your leave! Or you don't really get a break between terms.

    Have you been to Middle Wallop on a POC yet?
  7. That, and I understand you lose the first week of leave around AT trips.

    Not yet - I've contacted their recruitment office; recieved a very hands-off reply, so was considering getting Main Board done and dusted, then contacting them again saying, essentially, 'I've done Main Board, I'm interested in joining the Corps, any chance?' Not quite that, but along thsoe lines.
  8. You done briefing? Speak to your ACLO and get them to organise you a visit rather than going direct.
  9. I've done briefing a few years ago - and with regards to getting the ACLO to sort a visit, I'll look into it. Am not sure how willing they will be, but never hurts to ask.
  10. When I went through my ACLO asked me to list all the cap badges I was interested in and he arranged visits to all of them for me.
  11. I put Air Corps down as my 3rd choice, and will be heading up to Cranwell in October, I literally got through to them today and October is the earliest they could fit me in for the initial tests, so I would try to get yourself booked in right away, if they send me any interesting info about the tests I will give you a heads up. Also I have not even done my briefing yet and they seemed eager to talk to me, just keep trying them, perhaps you just need to catch the right person.

    I am also planning on taking the May entry into RMAS. The person I spoke to over the phone did not make it out like there is any rush to get anything done though. After I commented on how long the wait is for Cranwell. She simply said its a slow process and some people dont even decide on the Air Corps till they are in RMAS, so from that I dont get a sense of huge urgency, but then again I am not really aiming for AC as my main choice, and I am sure it would look better getting stuff done before hand.
  12. I'm putting them down as my first choice - they are where I would prefer to end up in the end, having had time to evaluate my options. The email I recieved from their SO3 (Recruiting) made it clear that it was important to gain entry to Sandhurst prior to grading and so forth, and I quote,:

    'We require good officers (the best) that can fly, not good pilots who can pass the commissioning course. This policy is reflected in our recruiting procedure whereby the first priority is to gain entry to Sandhurst...'

    This is why I've decided to get Main Board done ASAP, then tackle the other stuff. Given that I'm not looking to go to RMAS until May '11, it stands to reason that, assuming that the above quote is accurate, they will be more than willing to deal with me once I've passed the board. It may be that I've already passed briefing, and thus have a regimental sponsor - which I'm assuming you don't? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Oh, thank you for the offer of any materials they might send you - if they do, please send it me in a PM.
  13. Tell them Flash is your mate. Instant fast track! :D
  14. The AAC don't sponsor until you have done grading which to do that you need to have done main board.

    There is time to do grading at RMAS but yes you do lose out on leave and it's nice turning up knowing you've done it and can focus on your other choices and the CC itself.

    If you've done briefing you can go on a visit - a lot visit before briefing. Most attend MN sponsored by either their second choice or their ACLO. If it's your first choice you will want to be pushing to visit...

    Are you a non-grad?
  15. Yes you are correct, no briefing and no fam visits so no sponsor yet. Will do.