AAC A Couple of Questions

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by tommysmith, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Hello. New to the forum and seeking some intel. I know that the AAC is full at the moment, so first question is there a specific waiting time or is it best guess? Secondly, can I get my Aircrew Aptitude Tests, Medical and Grading out of the way even if there isn't a gap in the Corps?

    Any advice would be helpful, Cheers.
  2. Are you joining with or without a commission?

    If its with, then you need to get through Sandhurst first. (Not sure when you do your tests).

    If not then you will have quite a wait for a chance to go aircrew.
  3. Sorry, NCO, civvy off straight to RMAS September 2011 hopefully. I guess It makes sense to do the tests whilst there as Officer Selection to get through first this year.
  4. IFRC I think its only when you get sponsored by the AAC after your first term. If the AAC think you have what it takes and if they like you, that's when you get a shot at grading and stuff. That way if you FCUK it up you will then join another "Lesser" cap badge during your second term at the rupert factory.

    Tis difficult to get sponsored by the AAC.....Don't think you can pick what you want to fly i.e I want to be a gazelle driver etc as they look at everyone as a possible AH driver as there are plenty of bums on seats needed.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks Ralf, good info
  6. AAC not full for pilots. You can get grading etc. done before RMAS - highly recommended what with the new RSB procedure in inters leaving you only once chance to grade and also you'll probably prefer to be on leave after Juniors! Get in touch with your ACO and ask them to get the ball rolling. You'll do a fam visit here and then mecical/aptitude at Cranners then get booked on grading.