Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fruitbat119, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Just got off the phone with the other half, finding it a bit annoying that all the hard earned cash seems to already been allocated for things when I get back. Don't get me wrong I'm not adversed to sharing some of the wealth when I return to the UK, but I submit to you the list:
    1. nintendo wii
    2. trip to holland
    3. trip to sweden
    4. trip to hong kong
    5. trip to scottland

    Please note this list was submitted to me from a student!!!
    seriously, suggestions greatly appreiciated, In short HELP make the fruitbat smile again

    p.s I'm not married....
  2. Just be glad mate that there is still money in your acount when you get home. I had some of my people come home and the wife/girlfriend had cleared off with the lot leaving poor old Digger James with nothing after months overseas. What' the pay like for the Brits anyway in the sandpit? :cry:
  3. not in the sandpit, in the icebox (south atlantic) , pays not too bad just have to put up with bordom... And a money grabbing toad back home!!!
  4. Tell them you will go half on everything, apart from the nintendo which you will buy as you are so fair and a good guy. If this is not acceptable or they can't pay for their half of everything else then tell them.................tough! As Mr T says so well, get some nuts :)
    If they are wanting so much , have you ever thought they are a gold digging git , first on list of priorities should start with, what do you want to do. Next should be as you've been gone and i've been here safe and sound, what can I do for you. Somewhere way down the bottom should be, can i now spend your hard earned dough!
  5. Bin the toad..........................or even better for next 4 months tell said toad that your pay hasn't come through and see how long they hang around.
  6. Got to say that although the money may have been a loss at the time, I bet it was worth it to get rid of them in the long run!

    (on a totally different note do you have any connections with the British ex-pat community in Oz)
  7. HM, truer word have never been spoken,
    next will be the poverty card... think ive got a bunny boiler on my hands :(
  8. Then hide your bunny with your money :smile: Seriously mate by the sounds of it it's time to cut and run, money grabbing git.
  9. ahh on tour binning... the victimless crime :)
  10. Done it a few times, even took 3 weeks leave and told one my tour had been extended.By the time i came back from holidays, having given no contact during the 3 weeks, the relationship was over lol
  11. Genius!!! :D
  12. It has been said 8)
  13. and at this point... ahh the internet full of wonderous possibilities ;)
  14. You two want to get a room or something?
  15. We're ok out here thanks. :wink: