I don't believe it!

Only weeks away from Selection and I have wrecked my calf!

I am running 4+ miles every other day trying to build up my stamina and speed.

The other day I felt a "twinge" in my left calf, thinking it was just a fatigue pain, I ploughed on!

At the end on my run route is a fairly steep hill and a sprint to my back door!

Just as I started up the hill I felt a "pop" like someone has punched my calf and then an extreme pain!

Goggled it and it seems to be a quite common occurance with athletes!

Bloody typical!

I had just had a really good run as well!

Found out that it takes me 12 hours to load muscles and was no where near as sore as previous runs!

That is to say, if I was going to run at 17.00 hours I would load up 12 hours before to ensure my muscles are fully fuelled, some people do it 3/4 hours before, 12 seems to be my optimal time!

Anyone ever "popped" their calf?


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