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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cold_Collation, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

  2. Whats to discuss, we know labour are a bunch of useless ***** who let immigrants in, pander to them and the workshy for extra votes.
  3. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    It's Friday, I'm just Whet-baiting.
  4. Oh right. Carry on.
  5. Ha ha ha, perfect timing - the day after our government decided to allow tens of thousands of asylum seekers to stay in the UK to save paperwork. BBC News - Tens-of-thousands granted asylum to clear backlog claim

    Presumably that lot will now vote Tory, in gratitude, so does that make them all-square?
  6. Its a little frightening really - not the overall theme of the piece, it is the telegraph after all but the one sentence in the rewport really caught my eye.

    "Some 68 per cent of non-students in workless households – 254,000 -- said that they were “not seeking a job and would not like to work.”
    Quite a number of us would like to cease work - have a lifetime holiday and let some other poor sod do the graft to pay for it. - its farcial and one would be tempted to say, it would only work in an Ealing comedy. Alas thats bollocks and 254000 are taking us to the cleaners because they are lazy, idle bastards and we compound it by financing their lazy idle lifestyle.

    and looking at it just in figures - with each getting say £60.00 a week (which I think is bollocks also) 254000 x 60 x 52 = £792m BLOODY Stupid and this bloody lot really need to get a grip of them - trouble is - not sure if ANY government has got the real will and guts to say .. ok, you WILL work for your £60.00 a week, you will do 37.5 hours every week picking up rubbish etc etc, you are NOT permiited to sit around all day watching Kyle on TV. We woiuld still have to keep the Bastards but at least we would be getting something back for it .. Workfare as they call it in the states..sodding good idea.
  7. As those granted permission to remain had been in the country between 6 and 8 years, I think this is a problem that the previous government left behind, even more worrying is the 75,000 that went missing. Imagine the cost of challenging every one of those 160,000 in the courts? I still believe it is wrong to give them citizenship, but under the circumstances can UK PLC afford to do anything other?

    New Labour left the doors open at the ports and airports, they acted negligently with the immigration system and used it as their own political tool. The Borders Agency is not fit for purpose, but name me an agency established in the last 10 years that is!
  8. That was the Liberal Democrats fault ;)
  9. SOCA........ no wait a moment.......... National Crime Agency............ no wait, it's likely to change again to......................??????? Just need to persuade the paedo specialists to join the team.
  10. Its the legacy of a nations industrial might destroyed by Thatcher leaving once proud working class men left with the only option of taking a call centre job dealing with the whims of a middle class credit frenzy
  11. Highways Agency is not entirely useless. But the word 'Agency' is usually the kiss of death.

    Today I spoke to several legacy immigration colleagues, and many tell me there is no point refusing any immigrant's attempt to enter the country, as the law ties you up in knots. In fact it changes so often, if you go on leave for two weeks , you need retraining. Consequently most IOs have given up 'protecting our borders' as UKBA is quote:'Still not fit for purpose'

    Any attempt by an IO to enforce the rules simply lines the pocket of nasty bastards like human rights lawyers at the expense of the taxpayer. Most IOs are sensible enough to know when they are wasting public money and their own time. Consequently they put their best effort into keeping out the very worst, but don't always succeed even then.
  12. I'd like to see my bit of it change back to Her Majesty's Customs. I think it might happen sooner than anybody expects.
  13. Nonsense. It's as much a result of the labour client state funding these feckless wasters. Benefits should be paid in mostly food stamps to stop them spending it on fags and booze.
  14. False Ashie rewinds the gramophone and puts on the old, cracked and stupid record. The record's title: 'It is Mrs. Thatcher's Fault'.

    Labour should never, ever, be allowed into power again - ever!
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm afraid the problem is - and this is fundamental to how these people 'think' - the problem is that, for socialists THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM, so they will not address it.

    They will blame anyone but themselves, anyone but the workshy, anyone but those more than happy to live off the 'State' - in other words, leach money from working people. There will, in their view, always be someone else to steal money from (until the time comes when there isn't),

    It's a 'lifestyle choice'. It's their yooman rites, innit? That's the new Religion to lefty scum.