AAAAAGHHH Me Plates o Meat!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by commzmeanzbombz, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Morning Fellas, long story cut short:

    Knee Injury, Rehab, Start running again, PT 03 trainers.

    I have a pair of the pt03 pti designed trainers and i like them a lot, the problem is I can't exchange them for another pair as PT03's are only issued to phase 1 soldiers.

    Basically im trying to build up a case to get a pair issued to me.

    I could wear silver shadows but they dont give me the support that my sensitive lower limbs need and im not paying 70 odd quid for another pair.

    I know I could go out and buy some but if the army wants me to run then they should give me the appropriate trainers to do so.

    My question to you.........

    Does anyone know why only Phase 1 soldiers get these? Are their feet more important than mine?

    How do they exchange them when the time comes?

    Do any other regiments get issued them?

    Cheers in advance for your help and I apologise sincerely if this has been covered before.

  2. Started running again?

    That implies you didn't run at all before the injury. Are you not required to some form of PT each week, therefore requiring trainers?

    Anyway, the standard issue trainers are rubbish. I honestly don't know why they still bother issuing a bit of kit hardly anyone wears. Historically this would be commonplace, but nowadays most standard issue kit is fit for purpose.

    The cynic in me reckons they issue the PT 03 trainers to recruits firstly, to avoid any compo claims, and secondly, in the hope that once trained, they will buy these trainers rather the endure the standard issue rubbish.
  3. Ever wear road slappers then?

    Now they were unfit for purpose.
  4. PT03's aren't that special.
  5. As in plimsols? Yep, issued those years back and not suprisingly only wore them once. One of the least fit for purpose bits of kit along with the "large" pack.
  6. Shoe choice is highly personal, oddly enough, and one shoe will not suit all.

    Took me ages before I found out the the Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 suited my particular knees and trotters best

    Sometimes no alternative but to get your wallet out
  8. They were the only trainers that the EFI in Bastion had at the time and I kind of like them now, just cant believe the price to get them replaced!!
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    £60 doesn't seem that much for a pair of running shoes these days.
    But I take the point about paying for them yourself.

    I presume that they were classed as a 'One Time Issue' then?
  12. I bought my first pair believing that from then on they were going to be issued. I think the recruits ones may be one time issue as there doesn't seem to be a replacement process anywhere for them.

    £60 quid isn't a lot I agree but I am a Yorkshireman and resent paying for anything.

    Just out of interest where have you seen them for £60? I can only seem to find them for £70 plus