aaaaaaaaahhhhhh the sweet scent of a woman

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by essexbob, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Gentlemen and ladies of the bean licking fraternity.

    Last night at a meeting of the pre-redundancy club an esteemed but very very drunk colleague of mine let slip that he really enjoys it when his wife lets rip with a grade 1 gas attack, whilst he is munching on her furry carpet.

    Now I am not opposed to a little animal scent to get the juices flowing but he goes as far as buying his missus a couple of pints of Sam Smiths finest and a curry before venturing south with his tounge hanging out.

    I have never encountered such a flatulence related fetish before and would like to know if I have lived my life in innocent ingorance or if this bloke is a one off.
  2. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, and its handmaiden Google, there is now a product offering for every fetish.

    The Queen of Farts

    Japanese Fart Videos

    Your friend can now go to town on the gas. :D
  3. I think he's unique mate, if she is on all fours with her arse in the air, then she is bound to emit the odd fanny fart... No dramas with that, it does nothing to help to flow of blood to your dome but it doesn't prevent it either.

    Not sure I could say the same for a chick who empties her butt gas especially in the 69, it would fly straight up your nose, or make the tongue tickle if adminstering a dhoby
  4. Urrrrgggghhhh thats minging !!!!!

  5. This guy must be a member of the "Marquis De Sade" Club....I was not surprised to find it in his biography....but this guy must be unreal.....urgh!!!!
  6. I always enjoy hearing about fruit-loops like this guy. It really lets you know just how sane you are.
  7. what if she "followed through"?

    especially post Ruby and Bitter.... thats asking for trouble.

  8. That's just plain weird, tell him he is a freak and to do the decent thing and off himself.

    I'm not surprised the nips are in on such a sordid little fetish however I always thought it was Germans that where heavily into their scat fetishes (I know spraying ass gas into another's' face isn't strictly speaking scat-porn but it's only a step away)
  9. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Think that might be an entiely different google search!
  10. That is a shocker. I quite like my own farts but that's more a matter of wafting the duvet and appreciating the general stench as it spreads around the room - it would be a bit much to get a concentrated blast even of your own. I'm not so sure it would do much good for the retention of the stiffy ... or am I being a prude ? I think you should tell your mate that he is weird and should confine himself to a monastry for fear of being mistaken for George Michael.
  11. Mmm, youd have to wonder if shes enjoying the ol'shagpile salavation too much and suffers a ND whilst trying to squeeze one out...Could be quite a mouthful 8O

    Maybe its a form of orgasmic conditioning, whereby hes training himself so whenever he smells a fart it reminds him of the act :wink:
  12. Sick sick sick sick sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you lot got nothing better to do in your life. Now setting light to them is entirely different.
  13. I dunno mate, that could be quite painful if it reaches your tongue.... :D
  14. Almost as bad as cupcaking yourself!!
  15. Edited to read correctly and factually....