neil....I am not absolutely sure about this, but the CO of your unit can deny you bounty if you have not received his certificate of efficiency on 1st April 2006 (you are talking about 2006 are you not?). If you have signed off before then, you are no longer a serving soldier, and therefore no longer efficient. The bounty is only paid if you have completed the required number of in-camp and out of camp days in the qualifying year, whilst also having passed the required ITD's.

Have you done all of that already????? There are still 9 months left!
True, if you sign off before the 1st of April 2006, you are no longer going to get your certificate of efficiency and as such, your bounty.

Even if you haven't signed off yet and you've done all your ITDs and your annual camp already, if you don't turn up for three months they can discharge you anyway. It's a case of soldier on or wave 1460 tax free quid goodbye.
And you have to have been available for military service for the whole year. However if you are in your last year of service the "complete year" is 1 Apr to the date of discharge.
What happens is on the first friday of each month, the computers at Worthy Down generate the forms for all pers who have qualified to sign for their bounties in the previous month. 8O This usually arrives at the unit in about two weeks. As far as I am aware, you can then sign off and keep the money, although I would advise waiting untill it is cleared into your account, so your paperwork isn't "accidently" lost. :!:
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