Discussion in 'Infantry' started by duckeypoos, Mar 14, 2005.

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    HGV, don't post b0llocks in response to an honest question. Presumably you are some kind of non-Inf type. if you dont have anything constructive to say, stay off the board.

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  4. Transfer to another Corps/Regt, Corps like the RLC and AGC are usually (overly) impressed with ex-infantiers. Speak to your boss/OC at least it will show you're willing, if you just sit in the shed moaning no-one is going to come get you.

    Wouldn't class myself as overtly gree but as for piling on weight, doubt the RQMS is shoving mars bars down your grid, you can sort that out yourself!
  5. Sounds to me like you need a new challenge fella...

    It depends on wether you want to remain in the forces or not don't it, or has the job just got you down...

    Where do you want your career to go?, do you want promotion and given a 2ic role back in a rifle company? or do you want a trade?

    The army world is yours for the taking mate, just show a bit of will power and speak to the boss about a change...

    up to you...can't do it for ya...
  6. Exactly kingo... don't go honking to your boss. Have a clear defined objetcive (may sound familiar) he cant help you if you don't make it clear exactly what you want. My advise is get a trade and continue to stag on chap!
  7. You could either apply for a commission - you'll get snapped up by the sound of things, or stand for Parliament. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!!
  8. Neil. Sounds like you've got a mild case of the blues. First get fit, go for a run at lunch time, hit the gym at night, as you get back into shape you'll feel better about yourself, regain your self confidence and project a more professional image. Once you're back on your game request an interview with your company commander tell him of your aspirations ask his advice, chances are he'll only be too pleased to help.

    Good Luck.
  9. Love that.... put in an oc's and ask his advice... I did that once... walked out the office with me p45... nahhh only messing... got sent to the emerald isle.... best thing I ever did.

    Does sound like you got the blues... you could have a carreer as many have said work on your fitness and you will feel better about yourself and think of something challenging that you want to aim for and go for it :D
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Try an admin posting to a TA or RTT, The old 2 years of adventure training can be a nice break. I too served in the old 1st Bn and bailed through a combination of boredom, lack of future prospects and a long view into some crap postings. Glad I am now but if you find a way to stay in it would be better than being a civvy and getting stiched for Iraq as a reservist. Lets face it you'll join the TA as you will miss it and that will probably dissillousion you! Remeber a full time wage for a part time job until you want a pension. If you can hide from Manning long enough to get the pension then its better than struggling for a mortgage in your forties.
    Once you leave you are an ex whatever. after you have been out longer than you were in it passes. The Association catches up after a while and you will meet up with your mates when you are forty.
  11. Only 5 years in so you should still be young enough to grab hold of yerself and have a good chat. Good advice so far, get fit - ID where you want to be, set your objectives and go for it.

    Don't forget, and some may disagree, if the goal is seen as civvy street then that is not the end of theworld. It will still be a challenge and may be just what you need.

    Good luck.
  13. Can't believe I'm typing this... 8O

    The RLC are seriously recruiting for certain trades AND offering retrade bounties of 1500 quid (Subject to certain things - and use my name as I might some as well!)

    One in particular is the AT - Ammunition Technician - trade (obviously the one I'm in - der!). There 6 courses this year and if you can add up, speak and remember daft facts it could be for you. Retrade, 9 month cse, LCpl, good report 1 year, Cpl and higther rate pay. :?

    There are down sides to it (the RLC for one) but I'd rather see this lad in the army than in Tescos - spreads the tours better :wink:

    PM me for any details I can find for you if you want

    Later. FB
  14. Of course you could stay in the Infantry - you are obviously no idiot and the Infantry can be challanging. I've mostly enjoyed my eleven years so far but I do remember getting a little stalled at one point about four years in.

    Stick it out, get your fitness back up (It doesn't sound like you're too far gone yet) and most of all try and make sure that the chaps in charge know your keen. Things can get better and It would be a shame to lose a decent lad at a time like this.

    Perhaps your goals could be seperate from your career for the time being?
    Perhaps study in your spare time is the answer. I recently began studying a part-time history degree in my spare time. Obviously the university you pick has to be flexible as you will never be at the lectures and find yourself being mailed most of your coursework and deadlines. It's alot of extra work and I'm not finding it easy as I have been out of academic practice for a long time but I am enjoying it. Is it useful to my career? Probably not but it might come in in the future.

    Don't lose heart just yet.
  15. As I have posted elsewhere. I always said I would bin it when I stopped enjoying being a soldier. Don't carry on if you dislike what is happening. You have done five years, take advantage of the resettlement packages, start afresh and chances are you will be amazed at what you can now achieve as a civvy with a soldiers mentality. Like me you may not have had a glittering career withing the green machine, but just like a hell of a lot of ex-regs here you can do exceedingly well as a civvy.