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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by watto135, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Hello all

    Completed my SAA course a while ago now down at brecon when all SASC did was update the old pamphelt to say A2 on it all rifle lessons was the same a per A2 with a few differences, nut now my TA unit as received the new A2 but i do not have the teaching practices which we exchanged while i on the course but this is now out of date & i need to get the new disk that will hopefully be in circulation - If any body has this please can i have a copy willing to pay for disk etc
  2. I am not sure about a new disc per sa.

    H0wever there is a new PAm 5 out, which is available in pdf format.

  3. Got a link?
  4. Hi Jennie

    Yes pam is on the Battle box 8 i believe but when we was on the course wehad a disk with all the lesson plans on it in electronic format which was easy to follow now i have to old disk but SASC have added a few new cleaning lessons i beleive which is a New Lesson 4 & 4A but could do with getting my hands on the up to date one as i print a work book for the rtt staff to run too from this & its easier than me having to type it all which do t civ div job i aint got the time if any one can help it would be much appreciated
  5. If youve got the new pam 5 you can make up your own lesson plan for those lessons in about 10 mins