AA queens my car

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Mikal, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. AA transit van queens a 10 month old Audi and the driver didn't even notice the impact. He pottered off to the customer and I only spottted the incident by accident when looking out of a window. Chase after him and he's going "What car?", Pull the van forward and looks at the front end of my car and professes there's not damage when breakage is clear.

    I thought such a simple situation where liability was clear and accpted that I'd have an easy time of fixing the car without hassling my insurance company.

    Apparently not.

    It's notifiable incident so full details must be supplied to them even if I didn't intend to claim via them. Car is less than a year old and Audi UK claimed to have this brilliant hassle free system for owners in such a situation. I've just sacked the agent after a week. The car offered would be a boy racer's wet dream come true.

    The AA insurance company is making dire threats about costs and that they must approve any quote for work in advance. Sod that. My car, AA caused the problem, suck it up. I'm getting the work done through an Audi approved repair shop at a lower cost to that of the Audi agent and they're not happy?

    The car gets repaired when I want and not at their convenience.

    Due to health needs I can only drive certain cars easily which I did highlight but has been completely ignored. So even more bleating by them. Speak to the hand and bill the AA driver if you're not happy.

    It used to be so easy to sort this type of thing out for yourself and throw in the bill and get it paid. Nowadays there seems to be a system of shiny arses whose sole purpose is to force the injured party to do things their way and no other. Never again.

    Rant over.
  2. Most dealers don't have body shops anyway but will gladly take a cut.
  3. If you park your Audi like most of the other Audi drivers in the car park at the Reebok Stadium last weekend I'm not surprised someone clipped it.

    Most of Audis parked at the stadium looked like they'd been abandoned or dumped rather than parked. Women drivers could have done a better job of parking...

  4. Not sure moaning will help but I had an ailing work car about 3 years ago and used RAC a few times...the call centre folk in Manchester used to be really efficient & reassuring but you seem to get mumbling stoned kids now, asking random questions a few minutes in to a conversation... like my home postcode while I am describing in Belgium where I was broken down. OR asking the same question over and over as they have forgotten. Random things which make you wonder if they have done the admin correctly at all or doing it randomly on a screen, losing their place. Some are OK though still, even great, but I have hung up and called back once or twice due to slackness on the other end and its not being being objectionable just very frustrating. If you stick with the system though they usually see you right. Pretty good really, just have to keep calm and help the weaker ones!
  5. alot of BMW mongs migrated to Audi a few years back. It started when things went silver and they carried on buying them. still some BMW mongs about though. I made one apologise the other day...he still tried to blame his car, sat nav etc until I made him stop blaming that as well.
  6. If they don't pay up - either take it to a civil small claims court or report to Police, who may be less interested, but if they don't pay you could argue it's criminal damage?
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Next time you have an accident, I suggest you get the CEO of the biggest auto leasing company in the UK to drive into you.

    He was very decent about the whole situation, my car was picked up the next day and swapped for a (much better) loan car, within a week my car was back, fixed, valeted and as a goodwill gesture they'd refurbed all four of the alloys which the missus had destroyed with her shocking parking.
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  8. What the **** is 'Queening'????
  9. Ravers

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  10. Either something very gay - as per Raver's comment - or somebody trying to show his street cred by using a speshul word.
  11. maybe a bloke with big teeth dies of aids on the bonnet?

    The car gets older and keeps on going and going, depsite younger cars wanting to be the main family car?
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  12. I chose it as a simple description if the incident. It's not a gay term unless its been hijacked.... Women have been doing this to blokes for many a year. Not my thing but it might float your boat.

    Bum of AA van and it's red tow assembly firmly shoved into the face of my car.
  13. Never heard of the place.
  14. Like you said, using own insurance it would have been seemless. This was such a clear cut job I just wanted to get on with it like in days gone by.

    Problem was Audi agent couldn't get the car repaired and back within 3 weeks. Even worse, from my point of view, was the intended provision of a top end Audi TT which is fit for what I can use or need day to day.

    I seldom ever lose my temper with people on the phone but the AA insurance company manage to get a rise out of me.

    The daft thing is what I'm doing is cheaper than what the Audi agent was going to do and they'd accepted. So save them money and they whinge - weird world.
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