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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Right guys before the slagging starts I would like to point out the following

    1. NO I don't want to shout and people with pace stick (well maybe a little)
    2. YES I have quals already that are very useful to the unit (SAA ins, RMQ etc)
    3. NO I don't have an inferioirty complex but I was bulled at school
    4. YES I do actually like a spot of drill in the morning (like a pill etc)
    5. NO I can't seem to find a better course
    6. YES I need it for a course
    7. NO I am not happy with my penis size
    8. YES the unit wants it, in fact its a Regt requirememtn to provide a Drill pig for RTC
    9. NO I can't ask the PSI as he knows feck all

    So now thats out of the way I have a question for SOMEONE WHO HAS ACTUALLY BEEN ON THE COURSE IN THE LAST 2 YEARS OR SO

    Do you get the weekend off !!!!!

    Not becuase I want to go home, its there is a weekend on that i am pained to miss and would like to know if I can get back for it

    Cheers of the sensible replies, if there are any
  2. When you on it?
  3. I did it 2 years ago, and yes you do get the middle weekend off!
  4. We have a right drill spakker who fancies this course.
    Is there a drill test on the first day or can any wastrall turn up, is the minimum rank sgt still ?
  5. STILTS : cheers mate, I thought it was,

    Scavenger: Not booked yet, but there are courses in Oct and March

    polar69: The min Sgt rank is for the Reg cse but they get local according to the Infantry Cses Handbook, there isn't anything for TA but we had a guy do it and there was a Lance Jack on it. I don't think there is a test but i have heard that total mongs are RTU'd however the guy who did it from our unit was a total mong so I'm not sure how bad you have to be. I just remembered there was another lad on the same course, he said that if you were good you did your bits and chilled, if you were a mong you just got hammered on TPs and get extra ones

    This is all hearsay BTW
  6. You can do the course as a LCpl / Cpl but need to be acing / local for the course as you stay in the mess, there were quite a fe ACF types on the course!! There is a test at the end of the course where you get pulled out to take a part of the test, you also have two TP's to learn each night with a chance of teaching aleast one of them the following day (like Brecon Bingo) , take a laptop and printer with you as it will help you learn the TP.

  7. Interesting, the photo I saw def had a lad witha single tape on it, maybe rules have changed it was a while ago

    Another really daft Q, the course starts on a Monday, is that the rock up date, there by mid day type of thing or is reporting in on the Sunday as per IBS ?

    Brecon Bingo, love it, got caulght out majorly on that fecker, thought I was all finished so had a few cheeky beers and suprise, suprise, somehow got a HC, must of stood for Half Cut :eek:)
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Someone polished your face?
  9. turn up Sunday ready for Monday am!!!!! (enjoy)