AA-12. Worlds deadliest shotgun! (Video)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Trip_Wire, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Crickey! Is there an airsoft version?
  3. Kin Ell!

    Why do I keep thinking of Bugsy Malone though? :D
  4. What a load of Arrse...

    OK shotguns have some military uses - killing dogs and some EOD roles, but frankly they only have limited value in most military situations due to the limited range and the legal restrictions from the Haig conventions. 12 bore does not really have enough capacity or energy to carry anything useful without excessive recoil. You need to use a different technology such as Hi-Low in the 40mm.

    If you are going to carry something the size of an AA 12 or a SPAS why not carry a proper rifle with a 40mm launcher? A useful magazine capacity plus an effective carrier round...

    The only other area where shotguns have some use is in the close urban situation where you may want to limit collateral damage, but this is more in Police territory rather than military.

    There is nothing particularly magic about the AA 12 - mostly advertising puff..
  5. What's with the whispering?

    If the presenter doesn't want anyone to overhear, perhaps it would best not to broadcast on YouTube! :roll:

    How many of those 20-round drums would a user realistically be able to carry?

    More to the point, how would they be carried? :?
  6. The one area where shotguns do shine is in the jungle. History indicates that most contacts in the jungle happen within 5m. If point man has a shotgun, his IA will allow a fair amount of lead to fly in the general direction of the opposition. The old Rem 870 pump was up to the job. Semi auto or full auto shotties tend to be very ammo sensitive and so not best suited for the task. Yes, the old SPAS could do either or, but once again more controls to get covered in crap and fail at the wrong moment.

    Anyone here remember the old Malay loads?
  7. Its comments like this which make me love ARRSE 8)
  8. I could have done with that when me and the lads went clay pigeon shooting, I might have hit something then.
  9. i want one. and i think it will have its uses, in the future i can see quite a lot of close quarters urban warfare...i mean not everywhere is as relatively open and arid as afghan or iraq
  10. I love the expression "Worlds deadliest" I didn't realise there was a scale of how dead you are, you're either dead or not init :wink:
  11. Even less socially acceptable than an over and under!
  12. Will have to wait till I get home to watch the vid , cant access utube from work
  13. Although....

    From looking at the vid again, the gun does fire from an open bolt, so at least the basic design is sound.

    However my opinion regarding the 12 bore as a war winning round still stands... Ok for dogs and the odd car boot but not what you really want in your hand if confronted by Terry with an AK at 100+m...
  14. Don't the Loadie types in the back of USMC Amtraks have shotguns? They might shift a few units there.