A400M for USA aka Impossible Dream

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. If it does what is says on the tin, they'll buy it...

    105 Light Gun.

    M777 Light Weight Howitzer.


    To name but a few.

    Can't have Europe having a capability that Uncle Sam doesn't have now, can we?

  2. "It's out of the question that we don't go over to compete in the United States, insofar as the American's give us the opportunity to do it,"

    THere ya go
  3. And they will have forgotten all about those various and not very pretty European attempts at obstructing/delaying/blocking C130 and C17 orders in favour of the A400M?
  4. As Adjt said, it'll depend on whether the USAF consider that the capability is worth the hassle.

    Given the possible numbers it'd be a license-build in the States, but that's par for the course anyway.

    They'll probably arrange loads of demos and technical meetings etc but the chances are USAF will stick with what it's got for the time being. C27, C130, C17 & C5 is a good spread of capabilities.
    Yes, there's a gap between C130 and C17, but does it really need filling?

    It's certainly still worth Airbus taking a punt on this - 200+ airframes would be more than they've sold to everyone else combined!