A400M Crashes in Spain (09/05/15)

Yes . And the data missing comment was my error..must do more research next time ☺
No its a widely known "Fact" that data was missing, there was even a documentary that gave credence to the idea. Not your fault that having heard it you thought it may be true.
It also sought to blame the crash on an altimeter fault and an engine fault ( prevented engine spooling up).
It based this on a few issues that may or may not have been applicable to the aircraft, and a complete disregard of other facts that would challenge their assertions.
Example altimeter issue -
It attributes the 30ft flyby rather than the planned 100ft as Altimeter error, There are 2 Altimeters visible to each Pilot and the Standby - plus the Rad Alt Display.
Even if 1 failed completely or misread a glance at the others would reveal something was amiss, Pilot non flying should also have been looking at instruments so (its possible he was distracted by other duties).

I think more than anything it was attempting to say Boeing good airbus bad.

**Assume steam cockpit for simplicity for simplicity - same Idea but ADC feed TV Screens not dedicated instruments
I talked to an Air Canada pilot and he said the Airbus aircraft had a "Ditch switch "you hit. It automatically closed off things to help ready the plane for ditching/floating. A simple system.
Where as the Boeings had a check list of things to close off to help plane float a little, once ditched.
He did not say which one he pefered to ditch in the Hudson. I assume neither . A regular asphalt runway was fine with him.

They never actually pressed the Ditching button during the Hudson ditching accident. Its been sat there waiting for exactly this scenario since the design freeze in the mid-1980's. First time it could have been useful they never got around to pressing it. Lifes a bitch sometimes.

It wouldn't have made much difference anyway.

The AF296 crash was caused by the pilot putting the aeroplance so low and slow that it could do one of two things:

Fly straight and level into the trees at the end of the runway, or

Climb slightly, stall, suffer a wing drop and cartwheel into the trees at the end of the runway.

The FBW flight control laws chose the former. As advertised in the brochure. Which is good.

Anyway - Seville and shit standards in the factory.

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