A4 perspex

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldier.a, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. After tramping around to every DIY/craft/hardware shop local to me and finding there seems to have been a total run on clear perspex 8O would a good substitution be one of those clear plastic laminates you can purchase for laminating documents in A4 size?

    I apologise if that seems like a bone question, I did a search but no useful advice on the issue returned. I ask because I'm not sure if it being rigid is relevant or not.
  2. :? :? :?

    Should you be looking for A4 Nyrex?

  3. A sign maker will stock perspex if that's what you actually want. Sign makers often advertise in small print on the signs that they make so just look at some shop fronts for a number. Or look them up in the phone book/google.

    Polycarbonate such as LEXAN is better than Perspex - doesn't break.
    Again, try a sign maker or glazing company.
  4. No no, I mean the clear piece of perspex you use for making sure your clothes are folded to A4 size. :D
  5. Oh how we love a double entendre

    Depends on the application.
    It does come in handy during sex or when stood to attention or both.

  6. She asked me for a double entendre, so I gave her one :D

    (Taxi due 5 minutes ago, still waiting...)