Discussion in 'Aviation' started by datumhead, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Saw this at Broughton today, right by the runway, and it's BIG

    Very nimble as well, pilot was keen to show off.....well as much as you can with something that size.

    whats the general feeling towards this kit from a drivers view?
  2. Well, seeings how you have posted this in Army Aviation I would say it's pants. I'll bet it can't hover or even do a down wind quickstop. As for brassing up ragheads; toss.
  3. And there was me thinking you were gonna talk about a road in Devon!

    I'll get my coat....
  4. Ragheads must be keen to get hold of it though.

    Can you imagine the damage one of them would do with Johnny Jihad at the controls?!
  5. :judge:
  6. But just think of the kit they could put on it......."the double decker ,rag head wrecker!!!" :D

  7. Even the guy's who build the wings are impressed.
  8. I've seen it flying a demo at Farnborough whilst i was at the Aldershot Army Show last year. I filmed it all. Very impressive plane that is!