Just wondering how many UOTCs have converted to A2s.

I was once told by a squad that the WHT has changed slightly. Is this true?
Sheffield has A2s (maybe we got them quickly because we're an Infantry-only OTC?) Dunno if WHT has changed.
The Tap on the forward assist has dissapeared apparently (which would make sense), although other SAA's say it hasnt. So just listen to the most senior guy doing the WHTs is all that can be done
Forward assist still appears, but there are no longer any gas stoppages. You'll get as far as refitting the magazine in the WHT and then pretty much stop. In tests it didn't suffer a single gas stoppage through a few million rounds.
basically if you know the A1 drills there wont be a problem
London OTC has A2's!
We got them back in April last year.
The WHT is bascially the same - but as previously mentioned no gas stoppage drills!


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Lucky sods, we're all infantry too and we've still got A1's (or at least we did 2 weeks ago). Mind being in a foreoign country doesn't help :D
Hmm, will still end up doing forward assist through habbit anyway. Will take some getting used to with no stoppages. Does it still get stove-pipes? The most common stoppage I've come across with the A1.
MB, it's the new shape of the cocking handle designed to stop that.

(Also the A2 never needs cleaning and can fire underwater :lol: )

Sorry, long day
OTCs who havent got A2's it's probably no bad thing they are being phased in gradually since there are not currently enough new BFAs to go round (although this is being worked on).
It's true, I haven't a leg to stand on anymore, even less so than ever before. But I still want to let Meatballsandpasta know that this is cake and arse.
What a chop thread.
tayforth has them-got them a short while ago.but there is a shortage of blank firing magazines and the new bfa,so the seize of exercise that we can run is kinda limited at the mo.hopefully that will change soon.
Queens Belfast have the A2's, we got them well over a year ago as far as i remember and as far as im aware, we dont have any BFA or mag shortages.

This years b coy didnt get taught forward assists and im pretty sure they didnt get taught gas stoppages, and if they did get taught them then they weren't in the WHTs
FFS! How come OTCs get the A2 before TA infantry? The only time we've had A2s was on Telic.
but there are no longer any gas stoppages.
yeah, right.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

FFS! How come OTCs get the A2 before TA infantry? The only time we've had A2s was on Telic.
Could be due to the lack of BFA's ? Not much point giving you lot weapons you can't really use, when we need to hold a big ex. when we need a lot of BFAs we have to beg/steal/borrow from all kinds of units, I should imagine a TA inf. unit would be doing that kind of ex. nearly every month?
brewmeister said:
FFS! How come OTCs get the A2 before TA infantry? The only time we've had A2s was on Telic.
I was told it was because the A2's are being phased in by district - therefore if a district with an OTC gets the A2's then the OTC gets the A2's!
This is why london OTC got them so early -as London District was one of the first to get them!
apparently its because mistakes have been made on ex where there has been a conversion from live to blank firing and the wrong round have been loaded into the magazine during blank firing and... makes it look more like one of those toys guns you get outa shops though haha.the new bfa is a b*tch to clean

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