A2A South West - 30 July?

Thursday 30 July?

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For those who would like to do the A2A South West meet discussed in the next door thread. How does Thursday 30th July sound?
I'll bump this - from 28 who originally said they would go if possible to the South West meet - we've had 3 responses! Roll up, roll up
I'm sorry im on holiday that week as i said July and Aug very busy for some people!!! would make every effort for the next one the next one if one goes ahead
I will bump this again. Would those 20-odd who previously voted that they would go if possible please let me know about this particular date. Obviously we can't run it with 2 yes votes only!
So what could a soon-to-be ex-Int Corps soldier gain from attending?
I think we'll call that one a no-go then! I don't know where the 20 odd 'yes' votes vanished to, but heh ho.
What sort of time are you considering? The holiday daytime period is my most active trading time but I can do a brekkie or an evening session.


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I have just stumbled across this - pse keep me informed if you are going to organuise one. I would be very interested in attending.

Note to self - must pay more attention to ARRSE!!!

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