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Back onto the article about Hammond... my thoughts are:

British Foreign Policy currently states the UK will become more 'active and activist' in following years..... The UK will 'participate more and observe less'.... The world will be a more unstable and uncertain place..... It is in the UK's interests to fix 'failed states' as a more secure world is better for UK interests..... The UK will not step off the stage apologetically, but will continue to force project and become more involved.....

The UK CANNOT DO MORE WITH LESS! One of the principles of war is 'Economy of Effort' and has been for decades. The British Army has worked off that principle for many years. Has the Army really been that inefficient that the Government can announce an over optimistic and unrealistic new foreign policy and think that the Army can do more after cutting 20,000 regular soldiers? The most important component the army is formed on is the Moral Component: the man. It is the men that achieve what the Army does achieve. Now these men are being asked to do more, whilst a fifth are being cut. The lucky ones through redundancy; the less fortunate through natural cut off points (ie when their service engagements are due for renewal). I understand there is insufficient money in the budget and the reduction in manpower is a necessary evil, but how can the Government be so patronising/misconceived as to announce that the Army will do more as it is decimating the men that have served in one of the most operationally demanding periods in recent history.

As for Army 2020 being a more Agile force; again lets refer back to simple mathematics; a smaller Army is a less agile Army as it does not have the strength in numbers/depth to force project. YOU CANNOT DO MORE WITH LESS so to announce that the Army will be more agile, will do more with less, etc is either Info Ops or false or blind optimism.

Philip Hammond can not go down in history as having reformed the army... all he has done is take a calculator and subtract a fifth. A ten year old child with a calculator could do that (assuming mathematics is still in the curriculum and is not too upsetting or competitive for our future generation).

And to rub salt in 5 SCOTS' wounds - the entire regiment is told it is being disbanded... oh and by the way the olympics (that has only been in the planning for four years but is two weeks away) well we got it a bit wrong and the more expensive security contractors (G4S) we have paid and will continue to pay for years to come can't do it so you will - oh and the plans you made for summer leave after you got back from Afghanistan, well scrap them as you are stagging on for G4S (who get paid better than your soldiers too).

Well done Hammond; you are a credit to G4S and the other incompetent and corrupt Security Contractors. I am sure many of the 20,000 who are cut will go to them rather than the TA whose offer is what? With G4S they will get paid more, have shorter tours, will not have as much demanded off them, will have more leave, do not have the Army's values and standards that set us apart from the cowboy outfits who stand to benefit from the Army downsizing.

Hammond has not reformed the army he has reformed the Security Contractors.

Also what is the obsession with comparing the Army to modern day businesses and saying that if the Army was a business it would fail financially. Well the Army is not a business it is a service and it does not exist to make money but to protect the nation and our national interests.

It is the pen pushers in Whitehall who have made the financial errors and it will be the 20,000 soldiers who are punished.


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OK, I get it... I only came on to ARSSE day before yesterday for first time. Clearly I am not with it like '2 shits' Legs who is already posting threads about A3020 on her holiday in Elevenereef.

At least you now know where the search is. If it seems like something important to the Army (or even the Navy and the other lot) then you probably aren't the first to think of posting. If you use the search then the point you are making can be in the thread that it pertains to. You'll get a far more helpful response that way.

So please don't get upset dear.

Oh, and Welcome to ARRSE! ^_^
I get out in 2019 so I really do not give a ****


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no you will be leaving the UKDF in 2019, get it right at at least :)
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