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Our unit has just taken delivery of this fantastic new weapon system, however I understand from other users that the gas stoppage is no longer tested as part of the wht as the weapon is so reliable. As yet I have yet to see a copy of the amended pamphlet despite numerous requests so apologies for sounding a bit dense.
Is the gas stoppage still taught as a stoppage in order to cater for any eventuality or has it been dropped? If so, it seems ludicrous to me that with a gas operated weapon that the stoppage drill is not taught. It is sods law that someone will have a gas stoppage on active service and not know how to clear it because they were not taught how to. This could have serious consequences in the future.
Any thoughts appreciated. :?
Hasn't been taught at Recruit training level (Pirbright) since mid'04 to my certain knowledge.
Not part of wht when serving alongside regs who had A2's either.
Makes for a blimmin quick WHT , more drinking time 8)
so are we saying this weapon will never have a gas stoppage?

my arrse it wont.

Suggest the duty old sweats get amongst em, and show em for "interest only"

Strange that's exactly what my last SPSI said, and he's GOD.
So guess what?
The new pam got ditched to file, and the previous one is still in use within the TAC (just in case you know what happens.)
Rincewind said:
so are we saying this weapon will never have a gas stoppage?

my arrse it wont.

Suggest the duty old sweats get amongst em, and show em for "interest only"

I believe that there have been only a couple of gas stoppages since the rifle has been introduced, but I teach it all and show them the gas stoppage drill in case their one of the unlucky ones that get one.
I had 3 gas stoppages with my new a2 on the range a couple of months ago, straight out of the wrapper so to speak

The problem ? Some joker had put the regulator between the two stops !!

How I laughed
Some people would find that a burden me thinks. I wouldn't teach it as part of a WHT, my advice would be to go by the PAM, if a soldier had an ND and an investigation was to follow and it was pointed out to the SASC that the soldier was taught the WHT differently from the PAM then a lot of people would be in the sh!t. Go by the PAM and you can't go wrong, by all means show them as a point of interest but not as part of a WHT.
If the weapon system uses Gas parts then Gas stoppages should be taught, simple as that....

Me thinks it's a move to give the SA80 a better reputation.....
i just did my cmsr, and we were taught the general stopage drill, ie forward assist, check chamber etc, when it came to the gas stoppage, all we were taught was to use the combo tool to turn the valve up.
Not heard of any gas stoppage with the A2 since ive been using it for recent shooting events. I also heard that the WHT does not cover gas stoppages any longer.
I also heard that top 50 shots when in competition also fire at least 2000 rounds through theirs without cleaning the gas parts at all. A well carboned weapon fires more accurately.

Our Grantham armourer insists on overly oiled and overly clean weapons. However, rumour has it that you shouldnt clean them anywhere near as much as we do. Didnt the HK report say that one of the contributing factors to the poor performance of the A1 was overcleaning?

Anyway, subject digress. I have been told no gas stoppage drills are taught any longer
I dont htink it was the removal of carbon that was the problem, rather that enthusiastic cleaning was changing the shape and tolerances of the actual working parts.

Hence certain parts of the A2 arent to be touched with a scotchbrite whereas previously we has been told to scrub them to hell and back!
When I last did my WHT I was told that the gas stoppage drills were no longer carried out as both the holes in the gas plug are now the same size.I didn't get a chance to verify it at the time but it seemed like a viable explanation.By the way i've fired several thousand rounds through the A2 and never had any stoppages.
Yes indeed, the ol Scotchbright keeness did affect the working life of the A1's internals. However, we are still taught to use it purely on the gas plug...unless you remember to keep some of your Panda pop cola.
I did skill at arms course at breacon last year on the A2 the theres no gas stoppage in the pam, u lucky lot uve got A2s and we r still waiting to get them my unit is a infantry battalion and no sniff of them yet
I have fired over 5000 rds through an A2, including in the desert and without a single stoppage of any type. I was amazed. It needs very little cleaning, just regular oiling. If the PAM says no gas stoppage drill, then no gas stoppage drill is required.

An NCO aquaintance of mine was involved in the trials, in all weather conditions it performed exceptionally.

Anyone who needs to prove this should get hold of one and put some rounds down the barrel. They will soon realise that it is a reliable, accurate weapon. The only area for complaint is its weight.
In the trials, in over a million rounds fired or whatever, there wasn't a single gas stoppage... that said, does it do any harm teaching them anyway?

(why have the OTCs (TA cat.B) got the new weapons and some INFANTRY TAs don't?)
our ta unit was involved in cold weather trials in alaska and by all accounts proved to be an excellent weapon. I think judging by the content of the threads that the weapon is reliable and as an saa instructor i will include gas stoppage as a point of interest but will not test as WHT's are WHT's and at the end of the day the pam must be adhered to.
many thanks

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