A2 Rifle Inspections

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gun_Doc, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Powers at be have decided that the L85A2 / L86A2 need only be inspected annually as opposed to 6 monthly.

    Apparently it's reliability and user fault reporting is so good there is no need to inspection so often. Wonder which unit they based that on. Wasn't mine.

    Is this a ploy to reduce Armourers further at first line? It'll save alot of work they are alot of affiliated units to inspect.

    All the support weapons and instruments still need done 6 monthly. Will be strange inspecting a company of SUSATs but not the Rifles?

    Thoughts please.......
  2. the rifle is so amazingly reliable it could never go wrong!

    /dons tin foil hat.
  3. You're right to don your tin foil hat mate - methinks this is the thin end of the wedge before ALL weapons are subjected to an annual instead of six monthly inspection. The reall y frightening thing will be when the ACF , CCF, and TA units without integral armr support have inspection periodicity extended.
  4. Cant see it happening. The A2 is a very reliable bit of kit end of.

  5. The A2 is a very reliable piece of kit AT THE MOMENT, who knows what it will be like in a few years' time when it's been through the mill? The best way to ensure that equipment is up to standard is to carry out regular inspections. As for my tinfoil hat theory, well DD you have more faith in our lords and masters than I. But then what do I know, I'm only an ECI Team Leader.
  6. My thinking behind the above comment is that none of the other weapons systems and associated equipments are nearly as reliable as the A2. I have developed an idiot proof reporting system for weapons and soldiers have proved they can still fail to bother to fill the fault forms in. Therefore a fault could potentially go unrectified or discovered for 364 days. Some people might well be of the opinion it’s the users fault. It may well be but in an army where we cant trust our soldiers to look after their own feet..................

    You may well be right but I hope for the sake of the trade and operational effectiveness you are wrong. It might work for Cadets and TA but it wont work for Infantry units in their training year or on Ops.

    As time passes if the A2 starts to have more and more failures then they will simply have to change back to biannual inspections

  7. The annual inspection has come around because a group of people - users, maintainers, manufacturers and owners sat down and thought about the whole maintenance regime of the equipment.

    If the manufacturer says that the bits don't break that often, and the maintainers agree, why bother checking them 6 monthly?
    How often does the CHS of a rifle change - not that often I'd wager, so why check it every 6 months?

    The 'logic' has also been applied to CVR(T), I was on the study along with the users, maintainers (Armr, VM, Techs, Dvr, Comd etc.) and the manufacturers, also the IPT were thare and we sorted a lot of issues out, the CVR(T) maint is going to be a lot less than it was, both from the 601 and the 532. There was so much crap in there that was just pointless.

    This isn't a ploy to reduce REME manpower even further, it's just applying common sense to maintenance, which is long overdue.
  8. Does this mean that we'll see an extension to general vehicle servicing?

    Or is this to soften the blow on the people who are going to handle WFM?
  9. Mmmmmmmmmm, it would make stuff less of a burden to look after in WFM and bothin prepping and retreiving it as well.

    I reckon its just a reaction to the bad press the A2 got after Afgan and its just (as usual) taken a feck of a long time to implement. I can see it now, "Why yes Prime Minister, the A2 rifle is such a reliable bit of kit we only inspect it every 12 months......."

    Just another way to plublicly shut our collective moaning gobs about stuff, we'll be getting told that the boots are good next.........

    (mind you, from what I've seen of it on Ops, Ex and in camp, the A2 actually IS a good bit of kit, so maybe its just a good honest, lets save the boys some work kind of thing?..................)
  10. A2 seems fine to me, my A1 lived in excessive mode all its life due to its constant jamming, A2 has not jammed .... yet (touching my big large wood)
  11. Setting the gas to excessive all the time defeats the object of it. When set at N the idea was that when that hole became fouled and caused gas stoppages you would move it round to E to give it another hole for the gas to go down. When set on E you would have to turn it to N if you had gas stoppages.
    I believe only trail gas plugs had a bigger hole at E.
  12. The holes are the same size.

    I heard about this 12 monthly inspection, last night. Haven't seen anything official on it yet though.

    It frees up my time for things like recruiting :roll:
  13. Here's another question.

    I'm an SAA Instructor.

    In the A2 Pamf it says it is an offence to use ANY items from the A1 on the A2, such as mags and cleaning kit.

    We have had the A2 for a year now, still using the A1 cleaning kit though with not A2 kit coming in sight.

    I'm requested to stop asking akward questions when I ask about it.

    Is this ok, or is my QM being lazy and not indenting for the correct kit?
  14. I can see it in court now......

    "so, soldier 'X', you admitt that just prior to defending yourself in that you shot a crazed madman who was armed to the teeth with various weapons that he obviously inteneded to use on you, you had cleaned your A2 with old A1 scotchbrite?"

    "Yes your honour"

    "And there we have it, the weapon was illegally cleaned and I offer a case of un-lawfull killing................."

    I doubt its that bad, so the cleaning kit isnt the new one? So what? as long as the mags and other bits are the right ones thats all that matters surely, its another of these "in the sprirt of" things.............
  15. Well, acording to the pam, the cleaning regiem is different, so the lessons are new, and we have to teach how to use the new pieces etc. And scotch bright is not suposed to be used the same way it was on the A1 etc.

    Think more along the lines of after the annual inspection with young solder Y on CO's Mems.

    Soldier why was your weapon dirty?

    Cos I wasnt givent the correct stuff to clean it with Sur!

    Why was it a nice shiny silver colour and not the dark parkerised colour it should be?

    Cos i sochbrited the fekker Sur to clean it!

    So it will end with soldiers getting in the poo for not being given the correct tools again!!!