A2 Results

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 12Kbetteroff, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. It's only taken three weeks but MCM have finally managed to get the results of this years A2 board uploaded onto ArmyNET. Well done MCM I guess it's better than not publishing them.
  2. Guys i think you will find that MCM div have got a lot more to worry about at the moment than publishing promotion results on the web. I am sure that if it affected any of you you would have found out about it quick enough.
  3. Fair point Big K, I heard they are getting stuffed with JPA training that is not up to much.
  4. You probably see this as a valid point Big K, but in the current operational environment I'm sure we could all delay doing a lot of seemingly trivial things under the 'too busy' umbrella! However, some people who did have a vested interest in the board weren't able to see the results due to a variety of reasons. The MCM Div webpage is there for a reason and the job of updating 1 link on one page and the uploading the file (or what ever it is you geeks do) can't be that hard!

    If the MCM Div web page is going to offer the facility to display information which it subsequently fails to do due to prioritisation issues, perhaps the whole web page and the information it offers should be reviewed and removed if the powers that control it think its too difficult to manage.
  5. I'm glad my original post in this thread has provoked some discussion. I for one am glad that MCM have put the publication of board results on the backburner while they concentrate their efforts in ensuring our records etc transfer smoothly to JPA.

    Those who had a vested interest in the results have been aware of the results for the best part a month before they were published on the internet, no matter where in the world they are currently serving and not be dependant on a website to get the information. NAAFIpiethrower I presume you have a vested interest in the results which if you care to PM me I'd love to know and why you didn't see the results before now.

    In trying to establish why the results had not been published I spoke to the guy in Glasgow responsible for the supply of information for the internet. He has no direct ability to update this information but has to rely on others remembering to send him the relevant documents, he then converts them to pdf and sends them on to another department who collate files from all MCM divisions and update the pages. In the case of the A2 results he was on leave at the start on the month with no desk cover and then on JPA training, during a break from this training he done his part of the process.