A2 QHI Bribery scandal

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by floppyjocky, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. I have just heard that two of the biggest reprobates that our Corps gives flying pay to have managed to bluff their way through an A2 check.

    There must have been HUGE amounts of money involved as one of them can't even reach the pedals and can't speak the Queens English (unless you are from Nuke Castle), the other one spends far too long on t'interweb verbally battering loopy birds to have put enough effort in.

    Very well done chaps. :D
  2. They should be ashamed!

    I'll bet they are looking forward to all that extra A2 pay now. ;)
  3. But they are in the knowledge that we all think they are cnuts..... and backsliders :D
  4. Agreed. All QHI's should be buried in a shallow lime pit.
  5. They aint what they used to be.

    I don't know, wouldn't have happened in my day.
  6. Er got a Good Brief and Wedge it Scroat.
  7. Da boys done good!
  8. I prefer them buried with just the head showing so us lesser mortals can relieve ones bladder on them!
  9. I heard that the one who's name rhymes with a slop jockeys alledged trade performed oral to completion on DAAC and had to promise to stop sending dodgy emails to a certain ex CRSM.
  10. I heard it was him who used to call the ex Corps RSM and clearly state : Sir...... Your a c0ck and your troops hate you'

    When he told me it was him I suggested he stop being childish and stop it immediatley
  11. Guys

    This sounds harsh.

    As much as I'm against the wasters in our Corps and any sense of the 'QHI mafia', who are the A2 QHIs you're referring to?

    PM me chaps. I expect I know at least one.
  12. No
  13. Wot floppyjocky said.
  14. That has to be a bite PanFook...
  15. A bite, no. PERSEC, yes :) If you'd both like to PM me your names ............. ;)