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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Davros_the_Dalek, Feb 15, 2002.

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  1. After leaving depot, what would you say it average length of time before chasing up the A2 course?  I am led to believe around 18 mths to 2 years, but some people say longer?  Any ideas?  ???
  2. a. Don't know, after my time :)

    b. How was the Op MI course? I was a transferee Op SI (L) and just changed cap badges, had the languages and relevant experience, was worried about the new trade being neither fish nor fowl.
  3. Dunno.. ??? I was the last squad that was still separate trades!  But I think I have do do a conversion on the OPMI2. :(
  4. Doesn't matter to you Davros, the A2 is only relevant to people who might get promoted one day!

    No hard feelings mate  :)
  5. Ouch! Do I detect someone that may know me? I reckon so! ;D
  6. We all know you Davros. We love you and want to have your little black babies.
  7. Just thought I'd dig this up because it was the oldest thread I could find! On a more serious note, who's for binning the stupid workbook and bringing back a proper* class 2 course?

    * by proper, I mean one that involves a lot of alcohol!
  8. At least the course included the forum.

    Now us youngsters have absolutely no idea the breadth of jobs available within the Corps.

    OPINT to CI to OPINT to CI to OPINT.....
  9. read Cognitio? talk to your seniors?
  10. That's too difficult. They like to be spoon fed nowadays.
  11. Dont be a pair of d1cks.

    The forum was a valuable tool for JNCO's to see the career options available and take steps towards ahieving that goal.

    Cognitio is hardly a substitute.

    As for ask the seniors - what a great idea, I wonder why no one has thought of it before? F"ck it - let's just apply that solution for everything.

    Do away with the A3 course as well, no more need for defence writing or CLM either cause CR from ARRSE managed to figure it allllllllllll out.

    'Ask the seniors'. Genius. You should be Field Marshal someday.

    'Sir, what is a T80?'
    'Staff, what is IMINT / OSINT / ELINT / EW / HUMINT?'
    'Sgt, How do I do ALL of the above?'
    'Sir what is the correct use of an apostrophe?'
    'Sir, which areas of this report need bold / underlining / italics / spellchecked?'
    'Staff, why are you still a staffy after all these years when all your peers are badged??'

    Actually ignore the last one... I think I can figure it out by myself.
  12. facking hell, somebody's tired. did mummy take away your Farley's rusks or something?!?! :)

    the principal reason the A2 course got binned was 90% of it was spent re-teaching whining mongs like you the stuff you couldn't remember from your A3. ;)

    if you really can't figure out how to apply "ask your seniors" in the real world then maybe you should transfer to the RMP. many, many people have done lots of different things inside and outside the corps, without ever being spoonfed it on a "forum".

    but hey, don't let your laziness and lack of initiative get in the way of a good bite. :D
  13. Cant too much SIPE stuff to do! :wink:
  14. And that is precisely the reason why this "single trade" is stovepiped into its individual specialisations; because certain of the Seniors either:

    Are not aware of, or do not acknowledge other disciplines within the trade, and do not encourage those in their charge to pursue other courses, or

    Refuse to guide their JNCOs as they should, and proliferate this "Sigint / Sy / IA / etc. was good enough for me, why should these want to do anything else?" mentality.

    "Cognitio" is hardly the default solution to informed career management, and the "ask your Seniors" default relies on the quality of the SNCO.

    Or maybe DDI's observation on the value of the Forum was a valid point and we should listen? - discuss.
  15. i think the SLR was brilliant. of course it's gone now, but we can discuss it if you like :)