A2 Mags enough to take on the AK

The New A2 mag has proven it self in Helmand recently with 3 PARA BG. Its now official A2 Mags can stop a AK round dead in its tracks. Ditch the body armour and cover your self in ammo pouches. Haha am chatting bollocks i know but this picture made me smile. The lads hips fine tho so in effect the mags saved him haha.

Without wishing to start swinging lanterns, or pull up sandbags, I discovered this factoid on TELIC when my A2 magazines stopped a liberal dose of AK47 passing through me...thank god for assault vests! I remember being faintly amazed that the rounds weren't set off sympathetically, but no doubt some obliging ARRSEr will point out exactly why that didn't happen! :D
is he getting charged for replacments out of his pay?

wouldnt suprise me.

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