A2 Mags enough to take on the AK

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Maroon_machine, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. The New A2 mag has proven it self in Helmand recently with 3 PARA BG. Its now official A2 Mags can stop a AK round dead in its tracks. Ditch the body armour and cover your self in ammo pouches. Haha am chatting bollocks i know but this picture made me smile. The lads hips fine tho so in effect the mags saved him haha.

  2. Without wishing to start swinging lanterns, or pull up sandbags, I discovered this factoid on TELIC when my A2 magazines stopped a liberal dose of AK47 passing through me...thank god for assault vests! I remember being faintly amazed that the rounds weren't set off sympathetically, but no doubt some obliging ARRSEr will point out exactly why that didn't happen! :D
  3. HAHA see above post
  4. He had his magazines in his chest webbing.
  5. A split already? Hip or Chest.................... FMJ..my moneys on you. :?
  6. is he getting charged for replacments out of his pay?

    wouldnt suprise me.
  7. I'm assuming round the struck from the right?