A10 Warthog for the RAF?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by easymoney, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Out walking the dogs this morning and in this part of the world you get a lot of fighter planes flying overhead on their way to the coastal range at Donna Nook (Lincolnshire).However this morning was a bit different,heard the unmistakeable sound of the cannon on the A10 firing.

    Could it be that the RAF are trialling out this awesome machine or do you think its just over here for a jolly.Would be a great asset for our lads in Afgan.

    Do any other fighters have the cannon of the A10?
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    nope, the USAF is the only user afaik.
  3. Could it not be some British based USAF A-10's? I know there used to be a few squadrons over here..?
  4. I've lived here two and a half years now and the range is in use constantly,but its the first time I've heard that distinctive gun noise.Would have thought the yanks would have used it before now.

    Just thought the MOD might actually be going to give the lads some battle proven hardware.Nice thought.
  5. Wash your mouth out with some soap and go sit in the corner and think about what you've just said...
  6. The A10 is already in Afghan.
  7. From what I recall, the Yanks have decided the A10 is now out of date, and wil be replaced by JSF, and have started to move all their remaining airframes to the Air National Guard. I can't remember if they've kept some on with regular squadrons in the light of GW2 etc, but maybe the RAF could buy some 'pre-owned' examples?
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The A10 has always been based in the UK at RAF Bentwaters(92 &81 TFS),RAF Woodbridge(91 & 81 TFS),RAF Alconberry(509,510 & 511 TFS)
    I remember seeing them on the gunnery range at the Wash.However,I cant see the RAF buying the A-10.We have the Harrier to fill that role.
  9. Cowhead was it my MOD comment or do you think the A10 is crap?I generally find i get slagged on the sports forum for being an Arsenal supporter,hope its not following me around!!!!!
  10. Apart from seeing A-10 buzzing around the Wash.

    It would be interesting to see the Space Shuttle!. RAF Fairford for the past 10 years has been a Trans Oceanic Abort Landing site.

    Obviosly The decision to divert to Fairford would depend on the vehicle's launch angle/inclination and the suitability of other diversion sites.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    My father-in-law lives in Alconbury Village (now a roundabout inside the junction of the A1M and the A614), very close the the western end of the runway. Passing through in (IIRC) 1989, I marvelled at a pair of A10s taking off in a pattern almost close enough to impress average Crabs. As we walked into FIL's house, I passed comment. FIL was a chemical advisor, had a transmitter/receiver in his car and a radio permanently tuned tuned in to the Fire Service Ops Net in the house.

    Hardly had I passed nearly favourable comment on the dual takeoff. the net squawked, the ordure hit the fan and multiple appliances were on their way to the eastern end of the runway at RAF Alconbury were an A10 had declared and emergency on takeoff and crashed as it tried to land.

    That afternoon Alconbury Village suffered a power cut so we trogged into Huntingdon to get Fish and Chips for tea. There was quite a crowd in the Chippy and the local news went to RAF Alconbury to report on the crash. Everybody was having a good laugh when a pair of Septics walked in, in combats and strutting in a certain way. Until they saw why everybody was laughing. They stood very quietly at the back, trying to disappear.

    There is also a gunnery range at Pendine (IIRC) near Laugharne in South Wales. Being Dylan Thomas's home town for many years, Laugharne made a good base for a holiday in Camarthen / Pembrokeshire. But the ripped-silk scream of an attack aircraft unloading its cannon on the next beach made quite a noise. I always assumed they were A10s.

    I guess this post doesn't really add much to the thread, but it's posted now.
  12. nah, the RAF wont be buying any A10's. all the available cash is being used to buy the new Eurpfighter Typhoon. Of course with Saudi now buying some aswell, this means our procurement of this aircraft will be further delayed/slowed.

    if we need anything, its more & newer Heli's & Air Transport assets. thou we are buying the 4 leased C17's outright in a couple of years & getting a 5th aircraft.
    now if we got a couple of Sqns of Russian Antonov 124's too, we would start to have half decent AT assets.
    (we can apparently buy 4 x AN 124's for the cost of one C17. however we would have to put in western engines as the antonov engines are 'disposable'- designed to be binned once they have reached their flying hours limit. also a new western avionics suite.
    so we could proably get 3 x up-engined & avioniced an124's per C17 cost, thou the C17 is a great aircraft)
  13. An-124 was considered as an alternative to the C-17, but was rejected. As well as the cost of engines, new avionics and the like, there was concern that there was no way to guarantee a reliable supply of spares from the manufacturer.

    A-10 is being upgraded to A-10C standard, and is due to remain in service for another two decades (at least). There aren't any based in the UK any more, but there the 52nd FW is based at Spangdahlem in Germany - so their use of UK ranges is perfectly plausible.
  14. EasyMoney don't worry mate, just having a bit of a joke about your absurdly optimistic MOD comment bud! No flaming from this callsign!
  15. Heard on the radio that one of the reasons the Saudi's went for Typhoon was the delay of JSF and the fact that it had even given the new F22 Raptor a bit of a kicking.