A10 Thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Ancient_Hush_Puppy, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. There's a piece on the Strategy Page site (Warplanes/Tough Old Bird Updated) regarding the USAF retiring 103 of these airframes leaving them with a mere 240ish which will be updated with new avionics etc.
    Wouldn't it be great if MOD could obtain these 103 aircraft at a knock down price for use by the Crabs. Makes sense instead of risking expensive Typhoons dropping bombs on gollies. Well armoured, lots of weapon systems and highly effective in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans. There's obviously a good reason for the Septics to keep hold of 240. Yes I know it won't happen in the current financial climate so don't shout at me but it's nice to wish.

    Sorry but I'm not able to add hyperlink on my iPhone, I'm 56.
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  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)


    Been chuckling since I read it five minutes ago
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  3. Many thanks Ehm Pigshyt.
    P-G, sorry wasn't PC
  4. It's alright to blow them to bits with bombs, arty etc, but for Christ's sake don't call them gollies.
    Irony or what?
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  5. "We train young men to drop JDAMS on people, but we won't let them have a golliwog as a mascot, because it's...... raciss, innit?"

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  6. Great idea, it's not as if there isn't a precedent for it.......in the late 1980s/early 90s the MOD bought a load of surplus F-4J Phantoms off the US Navy to cover the air defence gap of the UK after the RAF/RN Phantom fleet had all been retired. They were mostly based at Wattisham with 74 Sqn & the crews all had to be sent to San Diego to be trained on the USN avionics etc. which they were still fitted with.......bet the crabs really roughed it on that trip ;)
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  7. The thing only got built because the air force were worried about the army treading on their ground support role and therefore budget with the introduction of helicopter gunships. They've never liked the A10 from a procurement point of view and shutdown production as soon as the threat from the army diminished. It's just too damn cheap and functional, the profit margins are too narrow for suppliers, too like something the Soviet system would have come up with. And the MoD probably won't behave much differently.
  8. It would be an excellent idea. Which is exactly why it won't be happening.
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  9. Not quite true, they were bought to supplement the F4 fleet in the early 80s once the need to put jets down in the Falklands arose.

    As Alib states, the fighter mafia that has traditionally dominated the USAF has been trying to kill the A-10 for decades. The army (and more importantly, their defenders in Congress) won't let them.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    It's a nice idea but it might start a worrying trend like slapping a bloody great 20mm autocannon from the Luftwaffe WW2 spares into light helicopters and therefore have enough mini gunships in theatre so every patrol that goes out has one or two buzzing overhead giving the good news to bad people.

    I mean where will it all end?
  11. And long may the A-10 live!

    It has been my favourite aircraft ever since I was old enough to have a favourite. Aside from the obvious lack of maneouvrability compared to a dedicated heli. gunship, in what way is it inferior?
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  12. Not just that, USAF has a certain Jet Fighter image and the warthog was an insult initially to that image. The Factory is gone except for 1 small building, I see it about twice a week, the P-47 was also built there as was the F-84. The USAF still keeps it around because every time they talk of retiting it the USMC and Army tell congress they would be glad to take them over, and that shrivels the senior leaders at USAF
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  13. That'll be because you sent it from your Iphone.

    Taxi? For me? Blimey, that was quick.
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  14. Don't we have Harriers for that?
    Oh, hang on........

    Always loved its full name.
    Fairchild Republic Thunderbolt.
    As a kid it always made me think of the 80s "Flamingo road" star, Morgan.


    Morgan Republic Thunderbolt.