A10 firendly fire again!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Muttley, Mar 29, 2003.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Yet another needless waste of life.

    Maybe today isn't the day to sound off about the ineptness of the Aircrew involved

    Condolencies to the families

    another sad day
  2. It seems that the USA have NO ALLIES only TARGETS .
    Their identification for all things seems to be sadly lacking, perhaps if they were trained better in 'ID' it would help. :mad: :mad:
    Codolences to the families involved.
  3. But Why?
    I would have thought blue on blue was non existant by now. :'(
  4. I think it's time to restart the IFF post again.

    Way back last year, Arrse members made a lot of fuss about the implementation of IFF kit being installed on all the "good guys" assets.

    Wasn't there a commons statement to the fact that friendly fire wouldn't ever happen again because IFF was being fitted?
  5. Good call Oggy. Was thinking of doing that after Donuts post in current affairs.

    Ok, it's restored.......
  6. I just saw Channel 4 news and John Snow intervied the Defence Minister regarding this.  The tosser of a minister was dismissive and criticised the poor Trooper for being intervied to early (what think he meant was before MOD could tell him what to say).

    John Snow was first class, he made to Minister look like an idiot, especaially when he asked why we have more casualties from the US than the Yanks.

    Why are we so scared of speaking out on this!! :mad: :mad:
  7. It would seem that the only thing this so called Pilot is capable of flying safely is a Damn Desk.

    Send him back to paperwork shuffling where he no doubt came from.

    AFTER 2 Straffing runs, Coalition Chevrons, Red Smoke and a Union Flag, the pilot still didn't recognise that the Vehicles were british. I Thought you couldn't fly if you had Impaired Vision


    Thoughts & Prayers to those involved in this tragic event. Respect to All
  8. Have you logged on to U.S websites - full of apologies for 'blue on blue'?   They don't understand why we're angry.


  9. My deepest condolences to the families. I honestly hope my flyboy brothers are held accountable. From the facts I've seen, I can't understand how this moron would fire. For God's sake not fire twice.

    We all like to think we know our job and do it well, I hope this man stands up and takes what he has coming.

    Again my condolences to the families and friends, Frat sucks always.

    An American Soldier
  10. 11B3VB4, if you are indeed an American soldier, how would you respond to the allegation that American military are trigger happy? I'm not going to bring in the killing of the 7 Iraqi women and children at the checkpoint, because that has only just happenend, and I'm still digesting the news.

    But your pilots seem to have a few problems reading their equipment, don't they?!
  11. 11B3VB4: I'll agree that for any US serviceman to show his head here takes balls, and I salute you for taking the time to pen kind sentiments.

    You will find that feelings are running high on the issue, don't take it personally if someone vents, it wasn't your fault, but the lads will have their say, let off steam, and then no doubt offer to buy you a beer in the mess if you are ever around our way.