A1 Steak Sauce

Discussion in 'US' started by londonirish, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Whilst in Manhattan four or five years ago, i picked up some A1 Steak Sauce, and also stole some restaurant branded stuff from a posh restaurant in Grand Central.

    If there are any Septics in London, or even normal people, who might know where I can buy some that would be great.

    I will even say "outstanding!" and "good jahhb!" several times as a mark of my appreciation.

    Alternatively, if there are any Septics who have access to a PX and are prepared to do some minor smuggling in exchange whatever cash say five bottles of the stuff costs, plus a few glasses of warm English beer, then we can do a deal.

    It's probably a Federal felony, but think of the excitement...
  2. Try eBay. Tonnes of the stuff.
  3. it hadnt occurred to me to look, thanks...pricey though from the UK sites, exhange rates I suppose, thanks very much.
  4. thanks for the info
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Aaah, reminds me of halcyon days, smuggling HP Sauce to Holland, and Satay sauce back to the UK.
  6. Try the "A1 - bold&spicy" (with Tabasco) - "ooowwwsome, duuuude!"
  7. Or try HP Sauce, it kicks the sh2t out of A1.

    Think I saw A1 in Tescos.

    Now, good quality Ranch Sauce... any ideas?
  8. Oo

    Despite being American I never understood some of my countrymen's obsession with sauces. Why cover the taste of a delicious steak? Chicken and pork need seasoning but steak? Bah! Knock the horns off, wipe it's arse then sear the outside and let the pink bloody goodness barely get warm in the center!
  9. Worth holding out for an American to act as your 'mule', but if the Federal penalties are acting as a deterrent, you can get it from Ocado, Waitrose's Home Delivery arm:

    Waitrose Home Delivery

    You will, of course, have to do the rest of your shopping elsewhere, unless you can survive on rustic peasant bread, 16 types of extra-virgin olive oil and 4 varieties of garlic...
  10. Concerning PX:
    the stuff sells for under $2 at the Commissary IIRC.
    If you receive it from an American or LN with PX-privileges as a "genuine gift" than you are not breaking any Federal/Status of Forces laws.
  11. Concur 100%, besides A1 is awful stuff. For pork I use London Pub Steak and Chop sauce.

    A good steak should be seared and eaten rare or medium rare, and at the most lightly brushed with some butter or garlic butter. Bison and prime rib can be accompanied by some horseradish sauce, but even that is not really needed.

    I have used a marinade on lesser cuts of beef before grilling, Busha Browne's Jerk sauce is far and away the best, not only does it add a nice flavor it also tenderizes the meat.
  12. Stop it, I´m drooling all over my keyboard :)
  13. Lie cut steaks on a plate and douse liberally with Worcestershire Sauce leave for 1 hour (turn over after 30 mins) before grilling on the barbie. Sear both sides for 1 minute then cook 3 - 4 mins both sides.


    Hm, Hmmmm, gooooooood.
  14. I nearly drowned reading that.....